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How to open basic deposit account
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One, how to open basic deposit account?
Basic deposit account is to show depositor is dealt with turn daily Zhang settle accounts and cash control paid account. The draw money of the cash such as the salary of depositor, bonus, can deal with through this account only.

(1) the party qualification condition of basic deposit account. Basis " bank account runs way " regulation, following depositor can apply for to open basic deposit account: ① legal entity; ② legal entity interior is alone the unit of business accounting; The finance department of capital of budget of ③ administration finance and gold of budgetary foreign capital; ④ executes the executive authority of finance administration, institution; ⑤ county class (contain) unit of above army, armed police; ⑥ foreign country is stationed in China orgnaization; ⑦ society organization; The dining room of ⑧ unit have as an attached institution, hostel, nursery school; Standing body of ⑨ other place; ⑩ private enterprise, microeconomic door, contract door with the individual.

(2) the proof file that basic deposit account opens place to need

Depositor applies for to open basic deposit account, should to open an account bank issue one of following proof documents: Nucleus of mechanism of ① place industrial and commercial administration sends " legal entity business charter " or " business charter " ; In the center of ② or batch of article of the branch such as local organizing committee, human affairs, civil administration; ③ is legionary army of branch of finance affairs of total fleet of above, armed police open an account proof; ④ unit agrees with the proof that open an account to orgnaization of have as an attached institution; ⑤ place where troops are stationed has authority department batch of article of external standing body; ⑥ contracts both sides signs contract agreement; Id of ⑦ individual dweller and booklet of registered residence.

(3) the process that basic deposit account opens

Depositor applies for to open basic deposit account, should fill make open an account requisition, offer formulary certificate. Deliver builds the seal card that has depositor seal, classics bank examine and verify agrees, send by nucleus of branch of place of Chinese people bank open an account licence, can open this account.

Needing what do not explain especially is, fill in on seal card door the name must agree with unit name, should build at the same time open an account personnel of chief of unit official seal, unit or financial orgnaization controller, cashier 3 seal. It is unit and bank matter preengage a kind when decide have legal effectiveness pay according to, when the bank is conducting settle accounts business for the unit, by open an account the true bogus that the unit pays a voucher in the seal examine and verify of the obligate on seal card. If pay the seal of seal of the date stamp on the proof and obligate to not agree with, the bank can reject to deal with pay business, open an account in order to ensure the safety of unit money.
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