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Electrified wire netting transforms what power facilities to be able to be deduc
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Problem: Hello, my enterprise is in charge of transforming project of rural electrified wire netting, whether can among them facility cost deduct pay business tax from inside turnover excuse me?
Answer: Auspicious land tax cases [regulation of 2005]16 date file: The plan duty turnover that builds installation project does not include equipment value, specific facility list is listed according to actual condition by provincial tax authority. Considering county electrified wire netting construction and transform project scope to enclothe complete province, and by province power limited company unitary organization is carried out, province bureau undertakes enumerative to this engineering equipment, in affirmatory business tax answer to give the corresponding value of the equipment in list when plan duty turnover deduction.

Clew: Construction of county electrified wire netting and the facility that transform a project are specific include: Switching equipment of programmed control of machine of carrier wave of ark of switch of circle of arc of transformer, breaker, switch-disconnector, electric current transformer, voltage transformer, capacitor, disappear, lightning arrester, reactor, low-pressure switchboard, high pressure, electric power, number, attemper wave of switching equipment of central exchange, automatic telephone, block implement, control screen, hair. Above equipment can give according to the regulation deduct.