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Teller job is prevented make mistake a few skill
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One, what should notice to strengthen pair of check, bill and receipt is custodial.

Get should establish a for future reference with check register, after via unit officer financial leader careful is signed, and by get choose and employ persons to sign an order. Get want to sign on counterfoil couplet with cash check, in case deputy couplet amount nots agree with. Item-by-item wants to mention expressly on counterfoil couplet amount, utility, get servant, be in the for future reference makes clear a blank cheque and check limitation on book. Order should be pressed after check becomes invalid bound in the proof. Blank bill and receipt cannot informal outside borrow, already opened amount to still wait for the bill that takes a gathering and receipt, should issue receipt for a loan by borrower and make register, so that distinguish responsibility, after waiting for a paragraph to call in again settle receipt for a loan. After bill and receipt become invalid, should retreat, the reopen after becoming invalid first, if be Gong Chong of sales bill withdrawal, should examine goods by storehouse branch first refund of travel of the reentry after put in storage. If the other side loses bill and receipt, should open this proof ability that the paragraph has not submit an expense account to fill according to branch of finance affairs of the other side run a bill, make clear the content such as the time of former invoice or receipt, amount, number on proof sheet, make clear “ to open simple sentence to become invalid formerly at the same time ” model of written characters.

Diary of the bank deposit that register and cash journal, want above all check proof, counterfoil, accessory is consistent, press next pay check number order to arrange, so that check. Summary column should make clear unit of agency person, gathering and check number. The seal on check, should use namely build namely, keep apart by 2 people of accountant, cashier, check uses the private seal of seal, can use at impression check only, and nonfeasance is other any utility.

2, accomplish day of clear month form

Should accomplish money account everyday two Qing Dynasty, discover the problem can in time be searched, lest lug goes down to be checked with respect to have no way, when turning over formalities with the accountant, no matter have many ripe, must have the detailed account that transfers bill, or appear easily the error that says to not be clear about, affect bilateral feeling and job and financial data. Every month should undertake checkout by the regulation, and have pair of account with the accountant, accomplish debt debt conform to, account solid conform to.
3, when receiving to pay cash, must adopt sing close sing. To cashier personnel, sing close sing although not be,raise must the job, but the sense is very great, on one hand, show very polite, the member that see the sales of family small Japan, although the nation is wretched, but the family's courtesy must let a person be convinced really. On the other hand, sing when receiving to pay cash close sing pay, such not only can deepen impression, check with party amount, return the aural circumstantial evidence that can obtain other. Become when amount is not clear, can look for the person on the side to check attest.
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