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How is the fine for delaying payment of gold of safeguard of disabled obtain emp
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Problem: Excuse me disabled obtain employment ensures gold, how is the fine for delaying payment of fund of section of one's style of work as well as one's moral quality of deputy food price and capital of prevent or control flood calculated hand in?
Answer: " obtain employment of Jilin province disabled ensures golden government measure " eleventh regulation: Right without approving derate, do not ensure the unit of golden ” by “ of formulary turn over to the higher authorities, according to " Jilin province arranges disabled labor obtain employment dispersedly a certain number of regulations " the 24th regulation, entrust this class disabled by government of people of prefectural class above federation instructs his to correct, exceed the time limit did not correct, place with 500 yuan of above 1000 the following amerce.

" gold of safeguard of disabled obtain employment administers provisional regulation " word of money put together [1995]5 date sets the 5th times: Without approval, the person that exceed the time limit is not handed in, the part that can not make to exceed the time limit is added by day receive 5‰ fine for delaying payment.

Basis " the executive method that Jilin saves non-staple food to taste price adjustment fund to collect management to use " the 7th regulation:

(1) right cannot full specified amount pays fund, proof (acting) receive a branch to should instruct deadline to fill hand in. Be opposite for many times intended cannot full specified amount hands in, still can be in pair of party and chief amerce.

(2) do not hand in to exceed the time limit, exceed the time limit 30 days in, can be in everyday pay fund specified amount in order to answer the fine for delaying payment of 1% , of a month, enterprise or business unit, press by prices branch disobey price regulation to undertake condemnatory; Individual and industrial and commercial door urge capture by door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry, to capture of without reason refus, want to have appropriate punishment, till revoke does business charter.

(3) ask for to installing obstacle, create difficulties for sb intentionally (acting) receive personnel to work, by collect a branch to combine processing jointly with door of public security, The Ministry of Commerce and Industry, official to interference, beat and scold those who collect personnel, concern formulary punishment by public security regulation by public security personnel.

(4) to the intended block the way, unit that harbor or rejects pay fund, investigate leader duty by censorial branch, give notice of criticism and necessary party disipline, politics discipline disciplinary action.

(5) proof (acting) close, working personnel of management, supervisory office, of pervert the law of derelict in the job, practise favouritism, by its place unit or its superior are in charge of a branch to give disciplinary sanction, make crime, investigate criminal duty lawfully by the judiciary.
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