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Register accountant to take an exam 10 big lessons
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1, did not listen good to coach the teacher's class. Good grasping a focal point as soon as possible at whether be helpful for examinee with common difference, union has representative example, the side is unripe capture what take an exam in those days to give problem point. The public praise of good teacher is very much on the net, everybody can look.

2, underestimate objective problem. Although big problem is divided, but those who take is not easy, often one pace miscalculate, whole problem does not have cent. Accordingly, in the exam must first firm quietly answers sheet choosing, much anthology, judgement, strive to take fraction more in 45 minutes of objective problems. Experience and lesson show the person that can carry is inscribed objectively jointly notch taller. And, objective problem masters good examinee, in the consideration that in cent the pace gives cent and put together synthesis get a mark more easily.

3, do not do experienced exercise in school work. Reviewing medium practice is indispensable, the hope that the too little candidate for an entrance examination that exercise and imitate make carries is smaller.

4, did not pay attention to an exam. A lot of examinee signed up for several, but do not have when review hammer and tongs, when the exam brash go into battle, it is very normal that one does not pass. Some time in after a lot of examinee crossed the first, taking an exam because of all sorts of reason retrospective do not pass, tighten after the pine before causing, still differ two above last years, the possibility that pass is smaller. In the exam the first, if can pass at least,2 years 3 are compared relaxed.

5, too hopeful to oneself exam achievement. The confidence after a lot of examinee are taken an examination of is dye-in-the-wood, think oneself answer very well, but after achievement comes out, go differring very far. Actually, note the examination questions of the meeting to need to be read con, greatly, serious careful problem, after thinking, ability begin to write or paint, some one ordinary word in the title may be crucial place of the title, some examinee did a lot of exercises before take an examination of, formed formulary to some problems, the assume sth as a matter of course when answering question the ground answered, after taking an examination of, natural understanding is less than his mistake. Some examinee knowledge faces still stay in the intermediate, administrative levels that records tax, and note the deepness of the meeting to want to exceed former, because this has judgement mistake. Practice makes clear, the possibility that the more pessimistic examinee after be being taken an examination of passes is taller instead, estimate them review deepness to should exceed hopeful examinee.

6, always think do not answer the problem does not pass a test,examination,etc. . Actually everybody knows the exam is led correctly through depending on, but cheated to examination room, blame answer cannot. Accordingly, the difficult degree that answers an exam before the exam has made sufficient preparation, must not think grade of him imitate problem is high, certain unified exam is good. Everybody must remember: The examination questions that you face, you never had seen great majority, the state of mind that keeps smooth in the exam will conduce to you be being passed smoothly.
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