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CFO: Besides finance affairs other angular expression
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Outstanding CFO is the detector of company strategy direction, it is the executant of systematic government and architect, also be the architect of company budget system and executant at the same time.
“ I feel information system should provide strong support to finance affairs, although have the IT of some of transnational corporation and financial system,be apart, but in our carapace card, CIO is reported to CFO. ” carapace card advocate plan long (Head Of Controllers And Accounting) Merton (Morton) lady say.

Housing card is having 119 thousand employee in 145 countries, and the financial group that Merton heads has 300 people only, because basic finance affairs handles function already outside bag. Now, housing card is set in India, Malaysia, Scotland outside the accountant center of the bag, responsible processing is in the professional work of daily sex accounting of area, and the accounting professional work that the accountant center that is established in Philippine Manila is in charge of handling the United States. Everyday, they can observe the interest rate condition of each district, whether to turn the capital of have more than needed of an area in order to decide to other area, reduce the company's total financial cost thereby. If do not have the support of powerful IT system, should realizing these function is not conceivable at all.

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Be in early last centuries 60 time, american accountant learns to maintain “ accountant is ” of an information system. In recent years, as the IT wide application in the enterprise, especially of the administrative software such as ERP gain ground, the financial system of the enterprise has been mixed sale, purchase, the complete connection such as content shedding was together, had formed even interdependent, this actually to extensive financial staff it is a very big menace. Tsinghua university economy manages an institute to teach Yuzengbiao to think: After be united in wedlock with IT, the operation of accounting system simplified ” of “ goofy camera, make thereby extensive accountant turns a tide (the job that what blame accounting personnel does is past accounting personnel) turn a tide with blame accountant (the working unlike treasurer that accounting personnel becomes) coexist; In the meantime, accounting qualified personnel also can appear polarization, the work that handles a gender perhaps graduate of technical secondary school can be competent, and the rich experience that the financial management personnel of the high level such as CFO needs to have IT and financial system at the same time.

And, the CFO that had IT government technical ability often is returned can further upward. Suitable gallop before Wang Hao of financial chief inspector was experienced so an ascendant curve. When Wang Hao takes office as financial chief inspector, whole company still fits to the management of capital of extensive, and suitable at that time gallop a city that business returns Tianjin of bureau be confined to, the question also is not particularly obvious. Should arrange 2003 gallop take the land everywhere in the whole nation when, the management that cash flows became a big question. Through using IT technology, wang Hao spreads the ready money of the company to sign up for from January shortened a day of one newspaper, adjust through the surplus and deficiency between each branch, suitable gallop had held out the most provoking period, achieved countrywide distribution. And Wang Hao also rises step by step, arrive from financial chief inspector, executive president president, he 34 years old has been become now suitable gallop trustee bureau chairman.
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