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Chen Ying of Bao Gang CFO: Ascend the stairs
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Inc. of treasure mountain iron and steel is current Chinese actual strength one of modern integrated iron and steel workses with the strongest, the richest assets. In the past in two years, no matter be its are added,send 5 billion yuan new buy parent company property with great quantity, still divide buy in equity authority card is rolled out in reform the financing tool with this kind of long-unseen market, flash of backside all without exception is worn the form of chief inspector of finance affairs of treasure steel share. A lot of person place unfamiliar is, in control of the financial manager of this steely giant is a young woman of 35 years old, her composed and calm your person is impressive.

“ I am very actually simple, 93 years the university graduates junior Bao Gang, one up-to-date. ” Chen Ying is introducing the brushstroke that he is mention lightly only when professional career of 13 years, “ him feeling is in all the time grow, also thank Bao Gang to give me the chance all the time. ”

Mention the development of domestic steely industry, chen Ying no longer cherish word is like gold. “ is overall for produce can scale is very large, and gross supply exceeds demand, what be put on the structure again at the same time is lopsided, basically be average product supply exceeds demand, and high-end product is imported in great quantities even. The concentration that still having a characteristic is an industry is spent very low, at present home has 1000 more than 3 steely company, uneven, very much small steel mill is right to resource environmental load is very heavy. ”

“ looks from development of industry of global iron and steel, raise concentration to spend more and more make a trend. The topic of conversation of ” Chen Ying turns, concentration spends the steely company of “ Europe, America and Japan to rise quickly, make China steely of the industry (dispersive sex) the issue is more outstanding. ” result is apparent: Industry of iron and steel of “ whole world appeared of Chinese area and blame China area differentiate. Blame China area is spent centrally rise, in produce can be restricted and industry self-discipline respect can be done weller. So value of product of European America iron and steel still can maintain in a right level. And China is not done. Fundamental condition is you do not produce me, you do not sell me, make price war. Chinese steely industry needs to raise concentration to spend. ”

As to treasure steel oneself, since after signing strategic alliance with Ma Gang this year in January, the outside expects somewhat to next its movements. Everybody gives “ great expectations, we also are studying at present and consider, I cannot say particular case now. ” is in one time after the analysis, chen Ying replies to indicate to high level of state-owend enterprise finance affairs again sexual discretion.

Although Chen Ying is right Bao Gang next buy development to plan 3 close its mouth, but a series of integrated movements of two years affirmed treasure steel stock recently its will be met henceforth is the brunt that promotes development of domestic steely estate. At present Bao Gang had finished the iron and steel inside the group advocate the job of unifinication of course of study, subordinate not only include original group first phase, 2 period, 3 period manufacturing facilities (produce can be in 12 million tons or so) , still bought through increasing the capital that sends collect absorbed 1998 formerly amalgamative on the rest inside the group is steely after steel and Mei Shan control a group company advocate estate assets. At present banner of treasure steel share issues the crop dimensions of steely asset to be 22 million tons, in the whole world row the 6th. Chen Ying says: Bao Gang will want “ namely henceforth base oneself upon is sold at be being produced in home, satisfy the requirement of domestic user, in the effort that replaces import side to make his. ”
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