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Zhou Qin course of study: Want to do scholar superintendency person
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Character brief introduction:

Zhou Qin course of study, unripe 1952, was graduated from institute of accountant of university of Shanghai finance and economics 1986, obtain economics master's degree. Currently hold the post ofinspect of card of committee member of committee of standard of accounting of vise general manager of Shanghai stock exchange, Ministry of finance, China meeting share issues inspect of card of committee member of committee of examine and verify, China to meet the stock issues committee of examine and verify great recombine examine and verify working committee committee member, China registers accountant association the member that square expert seeks advice from composition in independent audit criterion, Shanghai. University of finance and economics of Fudan University, Shanghai, Shanghai establishs part-time job of letter accountant college to teach.

Study direction is exposure of information of accountant, audit, security market. Publish relevant paper on the journal in recent years many, assume task of key of Ministry of finance " about capital (stock) the market and the research that accountant information shows an issue " , " pay with what equity is a foundation " research works, hold the post of project controller.

Person narrative:

Dragon year the part that birth person is taking a destiny allegedly, course of study of Zhou Qin of vise general manager of Shanghai stock exchange is dragon year stranger, but special time makes he cannot him dictate destiny, fortunately his over and over again comes up against “ emancipator ” in misfortune, as a result his destiny often is twist and lucky photograph interweave. Somebody laugh says, the magical quality that this is dragon makes like that, zhou Qin course of study is not agreed with.

Farm career is pen fortune

1952, zhou Qin course of study is born in area of Shanghai yellow riverside an average household, from petty trick he academic graduates that year in elementary school, with entire school best achievement took an examination of case of Shanghai of ——— of hundred years school to send a middle school. This is one establishs Yu Qing to be treated together year between with the institution of higher learning with celebrated science department, was by establish of city education bureau 1958 Shanghai key middle school. Home Zhou in those days jubilates one piece, to Zhou Qin course of study expresses very big hope in the home. However, special time did not give Zhou Qin job too much the opportunity that read.

Zhou Qin course of study remembers clearly, on June 1, 1966, attend to recruit air man check-up to answer the road of school to go up, he is heard Beijing University teacher is broadcasted to stick the information that gave the first piece of dazibao in broadcast. Later, the Great Cultural Revolution begins, before long the school announces to begin suspend class. This Zhou Qin to love study is a not small blow for course of study, let him hard susceptive is, blow is following one by one, because have abroad concern, enrol the politics careful that fly to fail to pass, want to be a soldier do not have the door likewise.
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