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Chen Jianming: De Qin face about of type of 3 years of China
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" commercial weekly publication " did year the 2nd times to rank to optimal profession career this year, the result shows, accountant office already ascended body front row. Same, as condition of Chinese countryman economy to good, the enterprise manages a state to improve, capital market grows ceaselessly, register accountant industry to also be in to the youth's appeal climb litre.

As one of offices of accountant of 4 big international Beijing of —— De Qin is in charge of copartner Chen Jianming to also reach the development of enterprise oneself to feel very hopeful to this industry.

Chen Jianming entered De Qin 2005. Come nearly 3 years, the outstanding achievement of De Qin office promotes considerably, year after year of amount of staff invite applications for a job expands. In the meantime, transition of its China type also quickened pace. Chen Jianming says frankly, chinese market is too big now, and industry of whole country accountant although effect is distinct, but still be in development initial stage, any an accountant offices face fair land likewise tremendous development opportunity.

Who is industry old?

In last few years, de Qin's annual business income grows with exceeding the rate of 30-40% , fast growth circumstance happens in as much other office of 3 big international on the body, but Chen Jianming does not think 4 big ” already asked “ vessel China nowadays.

He listed a group of such data to undertake contrast: The gross income of 6000 many accountant offices of domestic was not worth 20 billion RMB 2006, and the income of De Qin whole world is 23 billion dollar however; Heart is diligent now Chinese employee number just 7000 much people, and the United States already reached 40000 people however. The tremendous potential of Chinese market and the current situation that De Qin develops mean De Qin to there still is very large development space in China.

He still points out, the enterprise can generate a more service demand in developing a process, do not be confined to audit to serve, still can management seeks advice, duty Wu, built-in control, buy recombine a service to wait, accountant office should not serve his business only limits confine is in audit on this one traditional business. Tong Deqin whole world is same, current, de Qin has Wu of complete 4 great undertaking in China board piece Wu of —— audit, duty, business management seeks advice, finance affairs seeks advice.

From De Qin American case looks, the income that comes from blame audit professional work has exceeded audit business income far, and professional work of audit of De Qin China still occupies a half to control, duty Wu platoon is in the 2nd, the income of items of other two great services wants relatively less. “ is in China actually, ‘ is not market of ’ of audit professional work to should be more than market of ’ of ‘ audit professional work far, will look from this meaning, the business that accountant office should do is more. ” Chen Jianming says. He believes, as the ceaseless maturity of Chinese market, future is not audit portfolio to be able to exceed audit professional work certainly.
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