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The Chinese chief accountant that takes door going abroad -- Zhang Weiguo
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Zhang Weiguo shows hold post to manage many 1400 to appear on the market at supervising the Chinese card inspect of the company is met, and rank a high level, held the post of Chinese card inspect all the time up to now in January 1997 can chief accountant, still hold international department head part-time now.
Zhang Weiguo is 49 years old, was born at Shanghai in January 1957, economics doctor's degree is obtained in university of Shanghai finance and economics, ever held the post of Shanghai money big accountant to fasten a director. Was chosen to go to Australian Xin Nawei to the Zhang Ceng between 1987 1986 attend in a advanced studies of Er person university, jackaroo in office of De Qin accountant, came to held the post of college of Hong Kong city to visit a scholar in January 1997 in September 1996. Hold China part-time to register accountant association director of standing director, Chinese accountant institute, China evaluates association member of committee of standard of accounting of standing director, Ministry of finance. Look from personal details, zhang Weiguo belongs to a model now Chinese limelight ” of strong “ learned man official.

During Chinese card inspect can work, the relevant job that he takes an active part in an accountant to criterion is made and be carried out, auditor is superintended and cross matters concerned of condition superintendency collaboration, can organize clasp with international card inspect. He once ground of call a spade a spade speaks of, in the foundation that ensures new accountant standard gets be executived correctly still diseased circumstance falls, introduce a new standard to be put in a lot of risk.

Board of international accounting standard is organization of an international accounting, by 14 members composition. Current, board of international accounting standard is starting a profundity to change in international accounting profession. The European Union already asked all companies that appear on the market in the European Union, incorporate according to work out of international accounting standard forms for reporting statistics.

This year Feburary, chinese Ministry of finance released the system of new accountant standard that conforms with international, include treasurer of a company among them basic standard and 38 specific standard, announce to rose to appear on the market in about 1200 above all on January 1 from next year carry out in the company. Chinese respect works to be started already to this preparation.

Zhang Weiguo ever expressed to this, ” of his “ individual thinks to appear on the market the company is in before implementing new accounting standard completely, should weave two forms for reporting statistics, transfer level is new old standard is collateral. He explains to this: The matter that “ considers so has at 2 o'clock, it is the to capital market and stock market impact that can reduce new forms for reporting statistics to bring; 2 it is to weave imitate forms for reporting statistics conduces to accountant record maintaining comprehensive sex, sufficient report appears on the market the financial standing of the company. The time that ” may increase because of two forms for reporting statistics and manpower cost issue, piece ” of “ individual opinion ever also sufferred doubt. According to the report, card inspect can not be willing to divulge the personage of the full name expresses to this, “ is piece of a few idea that are him country this, whether pass truly carry out, meet through card inspect even interior attends a meeting discuss. ”
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