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Ma Wangjun: Shellfish of Qia of Pu of exemplarying bank of flood dragon Man
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Group of the food in “ is different from in oil, medium petrifaction and in mobile, we the business of 99% has come true commercialize, administrative difficulty is opposite bigger, ” just met, in Ma Wangjun of chief inspector of food group finance affairs casts the analysis that gave world commissariat structure, situation of “ international food has been formed, and China still is in phase of ’ of ‘ bronco dispute as commissariat big country, grain needs the experience on derive international in, in hardware and software two respects, build our bibcock position, ensure the national economy and the people's livelihood thereby. ”

On July 9, 2008, the United States " fortune " the business of 2008 year whole world that the magazine announces in 500 strong pop chart, in food group is mixed with total assets of 16.5 billion dollar sales revenue of twenty-one billion two hundred and two million beautiful the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor list the 398th. This is medium food group is seleted sheet of this a list of names posted up the 15th year continuously, relatively on year ranks leap forward 7.

On July 22, 2008, committee of state-owned asset supervisory management announced the State Council the enterprise assesses a result in the center of 2007 year, in country of a list of names posted up on food group endowment appoint in the center of class A of outstanding achievement assessment enterprise.

The say Ning Gaoning that there was big alligator of domestic sth used to one's own advantage 2004 from Hua Run “ airborne ” arrives in food group, mere 4 years, food group came true in substantially span. On December 31, 2004, in the total assets of audit of food group classics 59.8 billion yuan of RMBs, net assets 15.2 billion yuan of RMBs, net profit 1 billion yuan. Up to 2007 end, total of food group assets already amounted to one hundred and twenty billion eight hundred and ninety-six million yuan in, achieve sales revenue eighty-nine billion one hundred and sixty-nine million yuan, net profit 3.723 billion yuan. Be in in the Chang'an Street of flagship property —— of grain real estate of bank in inside grain square, ma Wangjun is " presiding and financial officer " the records is detailed unscrambled a banner next sitting embrace 6 to appear on the market of the company in the path of finance affairs of food group headquarters.

Change investment center type to financial “ unit of finite and relevant diversity, business specializations ” is the transition target that the grain in peaceful tall rather makes. “ falls in the economic system of Euramerican maturity, market structure has been divided up end, and be in China, build finite relevant diversity, still have the rationality of existence and logic, bibcock position is built to have possibility completely also in each stature industry. ” Ma Wangjun expresses to come round to tell from eye, the advantage that diversity brings over defect.
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