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Li Guoxiong: Qin of Piao of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalro
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Li Guoxiong: An Yonghui plan division office (Ernst&Young) ministry of Chinese duty Wu and enterprise seek advice from ministry copartner. Have the development of active participation office at home from 1993, offer an enterprise to seek advice from a service for its client. Mr Li has rich experience to Chinese duty Wu, the client that ever represented An Yong undertakes negotiation in China and authorities of local duty Wu and obtain duty Wu privilege successfully, duty the advisory service that provides duty Wu to reach concerned side for each industry and opinion, include to make among them, bank and investment of financial, property and development, safe, electron, spin, project and retail trade. He has duty Wu experience of 28 years. Before joining ministry of Wu of An Yong duty to work, ever held a post in Hong Kong revenue the director that criticize tax, gain experience of rich Wu of Hong Kong duty, more the international accountant experience that ever went to Australia to accumulate two years. Hit a few years to be handed in with each country tax authority, an Yonghui the ” of “ a walking dictionary that the copartner Li Guoxiong of plan division office is duty Wu respect undoubtedly. Face new come on stage " individual income tax declares measure " , li Guoxiong calm laughs composedly: Office of tax of “ Shanghai land has asked ministries of each ways of the world of foreign capital business were declared on behalf of employee, according to me nevertheless place knows, up to now still a lot of companies are declared not in time. ” is caught, chairman of committee of Shanghai of consortium of this Australia accountant told about what new accountant standard falls to avoid to the reporter duty new thinking. He says, no matter be enterprise or individual, authority strives for “ reasonable avoid duty ” , say a bit more correctly, it is duty Wu plans.

Zhang Rebin of □ weekly reporter

As an Australia senior register accountant, li Guoxiong still holds the position of the chairman of committee of Shanghai of Australia accountant consortium now, he ever also held the position of Beijing of Australia accountant consortium to represent the executive vice-chairman of place before this, also take up the post of chairman of branch of Hong Kong of Australia accountant consortium at 2001/2002 year one duty.

Talk without necessary shame avoid duty

In fact, in Chinese business circles, “ avoids duty ” is an ambiguous word that says not clear path is unidentified all the time. Actually, in world other each district, avoid duty is an extremely normal name, planning division of Wu of so called duty also reachs his conscientious. The brings office of Yong Huaming accountant partner that regards international “ as one of offices of accountant of 4 big ” , li Guoxiong suggests to Chinese enterprise: “ is in China new in process of reform of round of tax system, enterprise should advertent the change that each categories of taxes will produce. Can seek advice to duty Wu branch already, receive a few principle instructions, also can retain duty Wu adviser, make duty Wu plan ahead of schedule. ”
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