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Avoid instead tax expert: He Zhidong
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Expert of Wu of countrywide famous duty, famous avoid tax expert, crackajack pay taxes plans instead expert. Base of management of our country pay taxes, control and check of Wu of risk foundation duty, pay taxes plans with levy the main founder of course. Senior China is registered accountant and register duty Wu division. Plan in pay taxes, levy plans, duty Wu check, avoid duty and avoid the respect such as solid Wu of duty, pay taxes management, taxation has quite outstanding achievement and creativity contribution instead. Planning authority of world Chinese pay taxes. There is pay taxes of China of “ congratulate planning ” , “ to plan in bound of Wu of our country duty of ” of the first person say, especially planning skill and rich real operation experience obtain excellent, excellent pay taxes to be evaluated extensively with height. Countermeasure of frame of duty Wu planning course, development and train of thought put forward clearly in home, put forward the earliest most the pay taxes of broad sense plans concept, make systematic development consider. Tax law of extremely perfectness China, have system, thorough research to Chinese tax law. The main author of planning method of Chinese pay taxes. Chinese duty Wu applies one of leaders of learning of research forward position. Domestic blank mixes fill of numerous research achievement to be used by domestic and international person of the same trade and experience duty orgnaization, personage.
Since 1994, had held the position of governmental revenuer (be engaged in duty Wu check) , director of office of controller of orgnaization of duty Wu representative, some accountant (director accountant) , college visiting professor, China group of industry of some large concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals (appear on the market company, one of enterprises of 500 strong focal point) the duty such as headquarters vice-president, rich duty Wu works practical experience and very solid academic strength. Currently hold the post ofnet of China wealth tax chief expert.

For enterprise of group of numerous transnational corporation, industry, concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals, civilian battalion enterprise, international the success such as famous and large company has undertaken pay taxes plans; Should orgnaization of various government, tax authority, university, institute, learning, enterprise invite in it is company president, president, financial chief inspector, total accountant, presiding finance affairs domestic and internationally chief inspector of Wu of apparitor, duty, revenuer, Master MBA, Master EMBA, Dr. DBA, register accountant, register; Already decided planning interior of management of ” pay taxes and pay taxes to groom personally for quantity of large company “ tens of second; Concerned government orgnaization, company, society (association) , university, newspaper office (magazine company) hire an expert especially (researcher of engage by special arrangement, senior adviser) . Total bureau of national tax Wu " Chinese duty Wu signs up for " planning monograph hires an expert especially. Tsinghua university " duty Wu chief inspector " (teaching material of doctor of DBA industrial and commercial government) , Fudan University " pay taxes accountant " , concerned college " pay taxes plans " (EMBA teaching material) , university of southwest finance and economics " duty Wu check manages " teaching material author. Accept for many times with respect to problem of Chinese taxation heat " China runs a newspaper " , " southern on the weekend " , " daily of the first finance and economics " wait for a lot of and famous media to interview.
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