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Insert on another wing for life
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On June 27, 2007, on the schoolroom of institute of Beijing state treasurer, chinese god China CFO Zhang Kehui is giving lessons to the student, the title calls “ to insert ” of on another wing. This experienced and worldly-wise and the female of wisdom, with rich life experience, the course that is oneself made best illuminate.

Be destined is a coal person

Mention Shanxi Great Harmony, emerge instantly in people brain the coal of mineral products —— that gives gold of a kind of black that be called. From the Zhang Kehui that this land walks out of, the predestined relationship that was destined to fall to indissoluble with coal knot.

“ I am born in Great Harmony Bureau of Mines, be brought up in coal sea as a child, have a kind of natural feeling to coal. A the father of ” Zhang Kehui is Chinese coal battlefront veteran, work in Great Harmony Bureau of Mines since 1951, 70 time China introduces the century on when equipment of coal mining of the first batch of integrated mechanization, he is one of negotiation experts.

“ at that time, the life of mining area is very tough, hill is hale, the environment is hale, industrial worker also is hale, here cannot see any things that Luo Mandi overcomes. If say to there is the energy of life of a kind of Yang Gang in my disposition, having nothing to do with the influence of this kind of environment is. ” walks out of mining area, view the world outside, what exploration belongs to him is wonderful, zhang Kehui is dreaming as a child “ leaves this environment, have been to additionally one kind of life. ”

After high school graduates, zhang Kehui pass an entrance examination Shanxi university, university 4 years of days, it is the farthermost from coal day in her lifetime. After the university graduates, she assigns coal department job, return the bosom of coal again. Now, as the whole world her of CFO of company of the biggest coal, it is as inseparable as coal more.

“ I can say to coal is to love to be hated again again, think those who cast off coal to manacle all the time as a child, but all the time give up does not fall, look my this life is destined is a coal person. ”

The door of open accountant

Nowadays the Zhang Kehui as financial chief inspector, be opposite in one's childhood fiscal impression is bad. The university entrance exam is filled volunteer when, a teacher suggests money of her fill in a form and submit it to the leadership will be professional, be politelied decline by her. “ I think the accountant counts money namely at that time, do not have creativity completely. And the job that I like to be full of creativity and challenge sex. ” cherishs dream of a writer, she chose Chinese major. The composition when “ my middle school is first-rate, after the middle school graduates ten years, the teacher still regards the student's model essay as it. ”

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