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Feel pulse 2008, go before the challenge is medium
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Individual brief introduction: Jian Di bank, male, the Uygur nationality, hunan person. Was born in December 1949, culture of three-year institution of higher learning, party member of the Communist Party of China, committee member of Shenzhen city the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, advanced accountant, treasurer of overseas Chinese city learns chairman, chairman of association of Shenzhen city travel, minority promotes Shenzhen city meeting vice-chairman. The window that has successively held the posts of economy of overseas Chinese city to develop assistant of head office general manager, world since 1994 record of company of group of city of limited company general manager, overseas Chinese appoint limited company president holds city of overseas Chinese of the eastpart part of committee member of Party committee of company of group of city of vice president of company of group of city of committee member, overseas Chinese, overseas Chinese, Shenzhen concurrently general manager. Currently hold the post ofcity of overseas Chinese of city of vice president of company of group of overseas Chinese city, total accountant, peaceful to invest city of overseas Chinese of the eastpart part of president of development limited company, Shenzhen limited company president holds the duty such as Party committee secretary concurrently, won 51 labor medal of countrywide 2006.

From 20 centuries since 80 time, academic gain and book are published on country and the press of the class that visit a department, magazine tens of piece, certain echo arose in industry.

Stand in new historical start, china will greet reforming and opening 30 years 2008. The Olympic Games that served as China 2008 year, was full of around the country expect and hope for.

2007 with the key that 2008 is Chinese economy progress and state-owned company reform year. Ceng Zhuanwen points out distinguished economist Wu Jinglian: “2007 year it is a year when be full of a challenge; It bear before after opening, it is new development phase opens year of ” of the bureau. With the seventeenth times countrywide congress was the Chinese Communist of the last ten-day of a month in October 2007 important sign, it will lead China to move toward new era.

2008, chinese economy grows continuously face new opportunity and challenge. State-owend enterprise reform needs to continue to deepen will participate in the whole world in the round with enterprise of perfect, China competition, consolidate the significant position of body still assumes the 3rd old economy of Chinese world heavy and the path is far. How to achieve the benign and steady progress of Chinese economy? Chinese real estate and the prospect that travel industry grows how? Central enterprise regards China as the economic participator, policymaker, person that carry out, how does ability carry this heavy responsibility, the serious problem that affects Chinese economy and attention of social all circles to future undertakes be forecastinged strategically with the analysis, find out answer strategy, this will appear very important undoubtedly.
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