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The net IT limited company
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The net IT limited company (NetDao, inc. ) found 1999, total position carries on his shoulder or back at emperor of American California Silicon Valley on the west, be in Shanghai, Beijing, Qingdao and Hong Kong to establish a branch at parting 2000. Net path is the example of company of new generation high-tech, it centered the poineering culture of Silicon Valley, outstanding technology, administrator, top network science and technology, and solid poineering foundation, aim to be offerred to business affairs of ISP, ICP, electron and other enterprise reliable, the compares with tall sex price Internet base software that can expand and service.

Net path believes the talent is the biggest belongings of the company. We care company member individual and occupational to grow, offer open and affable work environment, liberal firewood fulfil material benefits, share to employee period authority and abroad groom with working opportunity, make much investment to achieve their long-term goal.

Limited company of business affairs of electron of Qingdao net path is a service business that provides software development and network sale service and talent technically to carry for the enterprise. Company subordinate 3 careers ministry, it is respectively: Software career ministry, talent career ministry, ministry of hunt head career. Software career ministry, basically be engaged in finance affairs, office OA, management of human affairs archives and the research and development that client relation runs the software of numerous and excellent business management such as software and sale work; Talent career ministry, basically be to be aimed at the company that has demand of average talented person to offer a talent to recommend a service, include net of Bai Le's talent and network of bright future talent two adult ability network, among them net of bright future talent is platform of invite applications for a job of the major that Qingdao city exclusive major devotes oneself to enterprise of the most popular invite applications for a job to roll out talent; Ministry of hunt head career, have perfect hunt head to serve standard and technological process, the library of hunt head talent that possesses major, in can be being carried for a long time for the enterprise, senior talented person reachs special talented person.

Wu of kimono of the development that the company devotes oneself to archives of financial software and ERP and CRM software, human affairs for a long time to run software, sale works. Develop as the high speed of software science and technology, the company promotes oneself to run efficiency and the demand that prompt interior management development through software more and more intense. Net road company has network of top-ranking development technology qualified personnel, huge sale and masterly after service team, “ is core competition ability with technical innovation, with advisory type the sale is reached all-around the service props up ” for the concept, for broad enterprise or business the unit provides high grade and efficient service. The spirit of enterprise that the company uses ” of “ innovation spirit, group spirit, service spirit, hopeful spirit will ask employee.
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