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MYOB wisdom runs financial software company
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About MYOB

MYOB is supplier of program of government of a global business, make proprietor of an enterprise and accountant need not be immersed oneself in at trival day-to-day management while can realize the business to succeed again. MYOB is the whole world 700, many 000 enterprise and more than 10, 000 hold industry accountant office is developed and provide the software that receives in glory commend, service and support.

Proper motion management enterprise is a power that energy provides most inside global limits, but they get generally the limitation of limited natural resources. MYOB assists afore-mentioned enterprises to realize more outstanding outstanding achievement by right of the knowledge of oneself, special skill and dimensions.

MYOB still cooperates directly with accountant office, so that simplify,accounting procedure is reached improve productivity. MYOB plan precedes the favour of accountant office, the user includes duty Wu advisory, private hold accountant of course of study and office of 4 big accountants.

MYOB knows very well proprietor of an enterprise and accountant and build business associate to concern with them, MYOB strives to strengthen each other to contact and realize mutually beneficial mutual benefit.

MYOB limited company is a company that appears on the market in Australian stock exchange (‘MYO’ of code name of Australian stock exchange) .

About MYOB software

Function of MYOB financial software moderate of powerful, price, use convenient, will inside global limits win commendation repeatedly for years. Come nearly 20 years, the level that measures all finance affairs and business management software is established by MYOB. MYOB software is right although China is new thing, but already was applied extensively however in Hong Kong (come from 2000 English and Chinese version) .

About MYOB wisdom canal

MYOB wisdom canal is one expands limited company and MYOB limited company by golden money science and technology collective and contributive established joint-stock company, gathered together former in China the most outstanding professional knowledge and latter are mixed in brilliant outstanding achievement of the whole world rich experience. This one combination produces the medium and small businesses that is China the finest business and financial management software.

The headquarters that MYOB wisdom is in charge of is set in Sichuan to save Chengdu development of estate of new and high technology, also own extensive agency network in China.

MYOB wisdom provides general manager of big China division is Li Chaohua. Area of whole MYOB big China falls in her leader, it is core with terminal user, exert oneself invest in manages service of group construction, client and line of the products, so that effective contented China increases the need of market of medium medium and small businesses at full speed.

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