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Software of finance affairs of fontal city De Jian expands limited company
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Limited company of financial software development established fontal city De Jian 1999, basically be engaged in fast amount to software, chamberlain mother-in-law software, Jin Die software, enterprise to enter sell the sale that puts software of software, financial management software, dress management, chain to manage ERP of sale management system, enterprise to run software and service, make systematic application compositive, carry out, the service consults the high-tech information company at an organic whole.

The company establishs beginning, be the same as country's biggest administrative software supplier fast amount to software to accuse a limited company to maintaining close cooperative relationship. It is fontal city early or late informatization of enterprise of implementation of many 1300 enterprise runs a service; Gain famous brand----The accord of fontal state company reputably.

The company studies assiduously in technology and administrative field all the time and explore, establish the group of a kinetic, rich creativity hard. Engineer of development of executive engineer of system of existing accountant, ERP, software and personnel of computer network technology more than 10. Hold to “ sincere letter to manage, the tenet of ” of efficient management, professional technology, excellent service; Stand fast the belief that “ is core, service to be essential ” for forerunner, product with the technology; Act on “ service to win the market, sincere letter to beg those who develop ” to manage a concept; With advanced software technology and perfect after service, provide more, better software product and technical service for the client.