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Limited company of technology of Beijing luck soft software
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Lucky soft company only then achieve 2000, it is enterprise of research and development of a professional software, office spot is located in Beijing ZhongGuanCun east area. The company's current business basically distributings to wait for a domain in aerospace, government organization, finance. The company passed attestation of ISO9001 quality system 2001, adopted model of software maturity ability 2002 2 class are evaluated (CMM2) .  
The company carries out career ministry to make at present, cent uses software career ministry and department of career of tall reliable software for business. My company has the software product of a variety of own development, software field is used in business, have " software of lucky soft finance affairs " , " software of lucky soft salary " , " sheet of lucky soft watch accuses " wait for software product; Software side leans in Gao Ke, have " MIL-STD-1553B bus line emulates test system " , " overall design emulates test platform " wait for software product, it is aviation / spaceflight / the industry such as war industry offerred a lot of and special product.   
The company offers systematic solution for the user at the same time, for many countries ministries and commissions, large enterprise or business the unit offerred software to subdue Wu surely. The designation that lucky soft company is Chinese HP company software vendor, end by 2005, the company offerred solution of 50 many systems for Chinese HP company in all, finished relevant software service.   
“ innovation is realistic, sincere letter is in charge of the core viewpoint of value that ” is us, our company go after speed and efficiency, will provide high grade product and service as always for the client, devote oneself to the client's satisfaction and success.