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Shenzhen city benefit believes software limited company
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Shenzhen city benefit believes software limited company, registered formally in Shenzhen special economic zone 2004 hold water, it is major is engaged in finance affairs of medium and small businesses the company of new and high technology that sale of software and administrative software research and development serves. Company senior administrator has experience of research and development of old and financial software, management software, sale, service. In the course a large number of survey, prove with all possible means, development is enterprise or business after the unit understands the effective demand of administrator to work, summary goes out: The administrative software of professional, practical, economy is the way that the ideal that manages informatization settles. Below the design atmosphere that designing open and rigorous and target, dovish design principle, agile design concept, professional collaboration for what direct with demand, the astral accountant software that develops a benefit excelsiorly to believe finance affairs and the star that benefit fuse manages are entered annul put software. Once software is rolled out, the character with “ major, high grade service ” , got each industry enterprise or business be approbated extensively and agree of unit user reputably.
Benefit believes software to promote medium and small businesses competition ability with “ , stimulative medium and small businesses is into long ” quickly oneself, devote oneself to to last research and development, perfect ceaselessly agree with truly medium and small businesses is effective the financial software of demand and administrative software, compose builds nationwide sale to serve a network, in every city, interest letter software strives to achieve “ sale nowhere is absent, service tentacle can reach ” , the user that allows each choice benefit to believe software can be carried out successfully, apply smoothly, performance times add.