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Beijing brings limited company of easy times science and technology
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Beijing brings limited company of easy times science and technology is to devote oneself to to promote a government to reach enterprise or business unit IT (IT) the supplier of service of the administrative software that uses a level, application and solution, it is the company of new and high technology that Beijing government holds, “ enterprise of attestation of double soft ” , also be to pass ISO9001:2000 quality run the company of systematic attestation.

Main product includes An Yi period: FM (financial management) , SCM (supply catenary government) , ERP (company natural resources plans) , CRM (client relation manages) , EAM (company assets manages) , OA (OA) , BPM (company flow manages) wait for a system.

An Yi times basically serves content to include: Information system construction seeks advice, system of support of technology of custom-built development, software application, application optimizes application software, safety of backup of data look calamity, system defends, network system is safeguarded, emergencies is answered, applied technology grooms etc quick, of individuation, of much azimuth one-stop service.

The outstanding talented person that brought easy times to lay in a batch to have experience of old software research and development, market to popularize experience, project to carry out experience and business management experience. In order to precede the solution with the product of integrated technology, mature stability and efficient deal with concrete matters relating to work is an enterprise to information age conformity from traditional pattern the change of mode offerred most the way with convenient economy, of contented business change with each passing day, extensive and thorough application demand.

Company mission: Drive administrative progress with science and technology!
Business concept: Pass our effort, accomplish client future, accomplish partner future, society of achievement employee future, achievement associate future, achievement did not come!
Company culture: “ equality, be thankful, hardworking and thrifty, up ” is core content it is with the person this company culture
Product guiding principle: Use safely, easily, efficient, open
Service policy: Service major of active, skill, answer seasonable
Quality guiding principle: The client is satisfactory, innovation develops
Business slogan: Science and technology urges government, anyi accomplishs future!
Bring easy science and technology, times pioneer!
Install easy times, pioneer of science and technology!