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Software of green shift finance affairs
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" software of green shift finance affairs " it is the working habit according to our country's active accounting system, taxation system and accounting personnel, develop the characteristic of the computer adequately and the commercialization that powerful, technology learns a function that research and development comes out banner, safe stability, easily to be used easily is general kind of financial software. Financial personnel does not need any professional computer knowledge, need simple understanding to be able to use software easily to complete financial management work only, implementation accountant report calculates change. The development group of our product wait for composition by the seasoned accountant, member that register accountant, systems analysis, advanced programmer. Pass old with great concentration to consider, absorb the length of numerous home, bold innovation, form the style such as oneself distinctive high grade, efficient, agile, fast, safety, stability. Pass old research and development and practice application, systematic security, validity, stability, applicability and powerful inquiry function, got broad user approbate become reconciled to judge. " software of green shift finance affairs " suit medium, small company and blame to manage a gender the institution is used, he basically is to have the following characteristic:
(1) green (Green) mobile and financial software is opposite green operating system free from contamination (this also is green software the origin of this name) , won't revise systematic setting, do not need to install () can be used directly after solution is pressed, nonexistent installation and uninstall a problem.
(2) portable (Locomotion) size of software of green shift finance affairs is small, traversal speed is fast, facilitate carry, can copy portable U dish on, plug and Play, if Windows system is inserted,go up to be used only.
(3) agile (Nimble) software of green shift finance affairs but combination, setting inquires the need freedom according to you plan, the true reset that accomplishs aleatoric accountant information, processing and release, overall support inquires instead (plan can save file to disk call) quick and agile operation, supportive network is used, also can use at be being used on stand-alone, it is the practical financial software with paragraph DIY very strong sex.
(4) convenient (Easy) what financial software faces is financial personnel, ace of computer of and rather than, mobile and financial software uses green completely proof of finance affairs of emulation handiwork format (close, pay, turn, general) , it replaced the general pattern with existing and financial onefold software, financial personnel sees know how to should fill in, wanting you only is financial personnel, can type, need not groom basically can use easily.
(5) intelligence (Intelligence) mobile and financial software has green exceed strong private prosecution capacity, user of OK and automatic clew operates way in the operation, use COM technology and Microsoft EXCEL to undertake package type confluence, initiative after ending, you need to type a proof only, mobile and financial software finishs the working green from the back automatically entirely (from charge to an account - forms for reporting statistics) , make you operate times feeling relaxed.
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