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Always believe financial software
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1, the user needs to type proof of chalk it up only, can win a variety of account easily book forms for reporting statistics.
2, the system provided 9 kinds of commonly used credit book: Total ledger, account of detail of 3 column type, account of detail of much column type, account of detail of quantitative amount type, capital daily paper is expressed, remaining sum watch, specified number of remaining sum happening is total watch.
3, the format of main report forms such as watch of the standard accountant course that software defined main trade beforehand and balance sheet, increase and decrease.
4, can define forms for reporting statistics oneself, from definition account Wu function extraction a cost is like forehead of forehead of remaining sum of the beginning of the year, debit happening, credit side happening, remaining sum to wait.
5, can undertake much credit covers keep account, account a cycle of songs in a traditional opera is most 999.
6, use WINDOWS to emulate an interface, handy Yi Xueyi is used. Help with detailed software in software, can help you use software smoothly
7, all prooves, Zhang book and forms for reporting statistics can derive EXCEL documentation, more convenient your use.
8, but free try out, the longest free probation 3 months, probation does not have any functional limitation.
9, this software is applied to of all kinds medium or small enterprise or business the unit is used, can reduce amount of artificial business accounting effectively, raise the accuracy of business accounting, seasonable sex, have good sexual value to compare.