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The issue of only quote cannot be used in the summary; Increased the pattern plate of stock business; Revised increase function of forms for reporting statistics; The modification with much fine point and adjust.

When basically amending printout, final below certain printer group prints not whole issue; Certain printer has a decimal problem only in the input that print; The evidence that any time can call when typing a proof serves as column board; Printed amount adds unit price in summary table; The “ of instead of “ accountant ” in parameter is in charge of ” to wait.

Added proof and detail the amalgamative function that print; Revised function of ” of library of “ disposal data, allow to delete redundant proof and inchoate data; Revised “ backup and restore ” function, changed the method of backup data, increased to restore the function of data; The computation when amending amount of modification proof detail is wrong; Revised expression calculator, the made bracket that supports the full stop below Chinese and entire part; The indication that adjusted page of proof, account to wait and the style that print; Revised software manual to wait.

New the function that increased to raise subject when typing a proof; Course ” function increases in “ in, allow to call already some certain course will found new headings in an account book; Adjusted the specific issue in detailed list of the indication account page, course that print.

New the function that increased to call account page when typing a proof, return the remaining sum of the amount of quantitative course and amount automatically, calculate an unit price; Corrected the specific problem in indication account page; Added the information such as full name of the printing date in account page, accountant; “ increased to calculate ” function newly in the calculator; Revised when typing a proof, “” of the input below Chinese condition turns into the problem of “ , ” ; Local revised software manual.

New increased function of much column account. After upgrading, the function of much column account that need will add newly allocates original user; To get new manual, proposal preexistence deletes original system in ” of “ Control Panel, download new software to reinstall again, reinstall won't affect original data (but ten million should do good backup, be ready for any eventuality) . The usage of function of much column account consults please in new manual corresponding paragraphic.

Editor and the window of indication proof cannot problem of be placed in the middle; The problem that inferior course cannot establish when course has remaining sum (allow to found now) ; The problem that useless course cannot delete (allow to be deleted at any time now) ; The linage problem that prints a proof from the definition (define in parameter of ” of “ proof linage) ; Symbol and the problem that make mistake eat to wait in editing proof summary. The usage Qing Dynasty after amending notices the relevant section in software manual.
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