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Connect trade edition with friend 10.3
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Face grow model the capital of the enterprise, stock is daily business accounting and administrative job, build small unifinication of expedite in-house and financial business to be on the move, achieve accountant informatization administration in the round, to grow model business development establishs solid administrative information platform;
Functional module includes bank of general ledger, cash, come-and-go management, financial forms for reporting statistics and module of business accounting management;
Core applies a concept: “ essence canaliculus manages, remarkable economy”

One, client value
Relaxed charge to an account, transfer accounts, settle accounts, finish watch of balance sheet, increase and decrease automatically;
Be clear at a glance of financial business receipt, account book, forms for reporting statistics, couplet of real time trends is checked;
Branch, personnel, client, supplier manages in the round;
A variety of industries beforehand choice of buy course, forms for reporting statistics, convenient and quick, normative standardization is initiative build;
Seasonable and accurate control management data, raise capital to be on the move, reduce cost of goods in stock;
Flow navigation, go to the lavatory to be used easily, apply remotely, disposition is quick;

2, add newly, adjust main content
Connect systematic tool with friend
Proof accessory scans
Financial forms for reporting statistics leads an attempt