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Connect standard edition with friend 10.3
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General ledger

System of general ledger of have the aid of of personnel of company finance affairs can realize what day-to-day finance affairs works to turn office without paper. The proof types, book of the examine and verify, Zhang that register (include: Total classification Zhang, detail Zhang, journal) , settle accounts assist you to be finished easily by the system. Make the enterprise undertakes the business accounting of daily and financial data with the least manpower investment, rapiddest rate, best accuracy; The disengagement in making personnel of company finance affairs is handled from onerous handiwork comes out, improved the working quality of personnel of company finance affairs apparently. Standard business handles mode
Assistance completes a company your standard, normatively day-to-day finance affairs handles the work; All sorts of cost accounting evidences that the other business processing system outside receiving general ledger system at the same time creates, subsidiary company realizes financial business unifinication.

Financial forms for reporting statistics

There is perfect interface between financial forms for reporting statistics and general ledger system, can complete the access operation that has producing data of finance and economics daily from inside general ledger. Finance affairs of standard of prefab state tax signs up for form type, convenient you issue flow meter of watch of company balance sheet, profit, cash well and truly to wait for forms for reporting statistics of standard finance and economics, undertake for industry leader great and decision-making provide data basis.

Pay system is the main component that industry compensation manages, branch of humanness power natural resources or money are met the administrator record with better branch, build Zhang of employee wages stage and the extraction of all sorts of fund and management of turn over to the higher authorities to provide a basis. Salary government includes salary to type, salary computation, income tax plan carry, processing of apportion of bank acting hair, salary.
Fixed assets:
Fixed assets belongs to manufacturing data, it is the base that material produces, because the fixed assets of the enterprise is phyletic much, amount is large, use dispersive, term of service longer, very significant position is in in activity of standard industry economy, very large proportion is had in company assets, appear to the management of fixed assets it is important to still be.
The system offers increase and decrease of management of fixed assets card, asset fluctuant, move, depreciation plan is carried, a series of government measure such as depreciation allocation, with assuring asset complete and use normally, raise capital utilization rate.
² supports the preparation that reduce a cost plan carry with turn time, asset judges processing;
² asset is bought newly, damage, sell, dish the management of comprehensive card type that waits for a circumstance fortunately.
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