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Version of V9.2 of A9 financial management software
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Module of A9 financial management software reachs a characteristic
Management of management of proof management, Zhang book management, forms for reporting statistics, cash flow meter, journal management, bank is opposite turn management of project of Zhang, C/A management, sector account management, auxiliary business accounting, cost accounting, automatically Zhang, super turn attune of business accounting of Zhang, foreign currency, period end is collected, amalgamative forms for reporting statistics,
Practical and convenient
Need not end initialization of course remaining sum, can undertake Wu is handled making the daily Zhang such as card
Fill make a proof support summary, headings in an account book a variety of typing the function such as means and amount self-poise, the instant finishs a proof to type
Period end data switchs into new Zhang to cover a function, the account when contented government changes sets adjustment requirement
Offer accurate and quick cash flow meter to make a function, can make cash flow meter at any time
Offer odd even page to reach print Zhang book function continuously, print for unmanned post become a possibility
Period end is handled, increase and decrease of automatic carry forward, self-correcting exchange rate, reduce you to be in greatly the workload of lunar end
Supportable 9999 Zhang, bring for office and individual representative charge to an account convenient with material benefit
The function is powerful
Whole journey tries calculate a function, need not ascend Zhang, with respect to the result that can get all sorts of Zhang book and forms for reporting statistics
Project of auxiliary business accounting governs a function, realize the auxiliary business accounting such as project, branch, come-and-go, individual, charge
Financial forms for reporting statistics governs the access in software from the other of fixed assets, salary and A9, compositive degree tall
Forms for reporting statistics appears in the newspaper, collect, the function such as examine and verify satisfies an industry to be in charge of a branch to ask to what collect of the forms for reporting statistics inside the system analyses
Provide this foreign currency professional work, business of quantitative amount business accounting handles a function, satisfy industry of of all kinds foreign capital
Agile meet an emergency
Establish 29 accountings system beforehand, can define accounting system oneself, change of system of contented state treasurer and enterprise need particularly
The function is installed during the accountant, financial year of time of contented the Gregorian calendar and other are different during the accountant of need demand
Support closes, pay, turn reach wait for a variety of proof categories from the definition, satisfy different user requirement
The user can define the printing format of book of of all kinds proof, Zhang and forms for reporting statistics oneself
On the safe side
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