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Investigation shows: Travel ∑ large bamboo hat pours software of Hao 駿 RP the
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ERP software is in the effect in business management is main with each passing day, but because its involve what the company runs way,change, and project amount does not poor, involve a company to be able to undertake ERP software the project plans and be examined and approve in year end so. Accordingly, the fourth quarter becomes firm of numerous ERP software what odd, autograph sheet and gathering grab in year is most important with busy period.

" daily economy news " much to Shanghai a few days ago home makes the modelling, commerce finance affairs that waits for the medium and small businesses with applied ERP the most far-flung software with content flow pattern manager, IT manager and purchase a manager, and the selling manager of firm of many famous ERP software undertook interviewing investigating. Interview discovery, when a lot of medium and small businesses are undertaking type selecting to ERP software, actual strength of the functional setting of software, price, company and the crucial factor that take 4 respects such as Wu to become them to think.

Almost all medium and small businesses are expressed by investigation personnel, the functional module that chooses to suit him company is the most important, because this matters to actual application of the system directly,value is mixed buy the price. In interview, a lot of enterprises have a very apparent general character, namely they hope system can simplification. The management because of a lot of medium and small businesses and pull current Cheng did not obtain big company in that way normative degree, have the means method of oneself individuation however at the same time. So too complex production manages module to be used falsely already to them, not economical. To ” of current and popular “APS lofty plan and platoon Cheng system, a lot of enterprises think to compare science, ” of “ fine ability is very strong, but be in to each respect start do not suit however for the medium and small businesses of level, actually simple “MRP stock demand plans ” system to be able to satisfy their requirement.

After affirmatory module, price element becomes the most crucial target. A few diminutive illicit of person and civilian battalion enterprise purchase a manager to express more, the price upper limit that their boss can accept is 150 thousand yuan, the civilian battalion company that has dimensions a bit is OK susceptive upper limit is controlled in 300 thousand yuan. Investigate discovery, under photograph comparing, control modelling and commerce company most exuberant to the demand of ERP system. A lot of make kind of medium and small businesses all express, be willing to choose the ERP software of right kind in next year, but the budget is in only 100 thousand to 150 thousand yuan between.

It is besides functional module and price element, company actual strength and service also are the main factor of the consideration when medium and small businesses is choosing ERP software. The IT manager of great majority enterprise expresses, do not have very clear brand trend to ERP software, but after deciding specific module, the software company that the hope chooses to have competitive actual strength serves for oneself. Because ERP software implements need for some time, so almost the IT manager of all medium and small businesses hopes software company can provide first-class executive service, be in especially 1-3 inside the month, can have relatively seasonable field service.
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