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ERP carries out failure and the person keeps below " knife "
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K company----Civilian battalion enterprise, the enterprise of leather shoes brand of a home, inside the industry the rank is in 10 less than. President L always is the leader figure of the company, used 10 years of time, from K company small mill is made for a national well-known company.

Sun Yi----The ERP project manager of K company. As a result of when 2004, k company should implement ERP system, and before this, k company does not have independent IT branch, only manager of a network is hanged in administrative department under one's name, l always passes the introduction of software vendor, find Sun Yi, hold the post of project manager to be in charge of the ERP project of K company by him, it is at the same time after project end, turn to IT department manager by project manager.

B company----Company of a famous software of domestic, with financial software build up, also involve the ERP software of disparate industry at present. K company is his the biggest client in leather shoes industry, also be the client of industry of the first leather shoes. Because be used all the time before K company, is the financial system of B company. Accordingly, k company should implement ERP project, b company always is recommended to L through K company financial inspector general, the item that took K company begins to enter carry out.

Because this is the first big client of B firm in leather shoes industry, accordingly, b company threw many manpower natural resources on this project, sent advisory adviser and development personnel directly from headquarters, develop a project to carry out from individuation of survey of program, demand, system, altogether spent 8 months time, the line on ability uses ERP system. Be in namely phase of this project inchoate, b company always suggests to L, of the project carrying out is to need Jia Yishuang to just cooperate to finish, level is carried out in the project, need has the project manager of Party A, undertake the harmony of relevant resource for B company, flow admits really wait for; special Party A is to should regard a project as main body, need has his in-house IT personnel, can be after project executive end, can oneself undertake those who reach systematic operation crucial user grooms. L always accepted the proposal of B company, the Sun Yi that also accepted B company to recommend at the same time will to K company hold the post of manager of Party A project. And before this, sun Yi holds the post of IT manager then in another client of B company, also was this to take a fancy to B company the position inside the industry, the development platform of B company just comes over.

The survey in the project, groom, during carrying out, although much labor power and energy were thrown on the project of K company,Sun Yi discovered B company, but discover or a lot of problems cannot get solve very well:

1, the software product of B company is based on financial system, facing the much trade demand of K company, be like: The measures form that the shoe takes industry spy to have manages (namely jacket, leather shoes, trousers needs to have distinct size paragraph) ; shoe takes a trade order goods meeting management; differs the; such as the SKU management of precision makes B company can be in only on original system outside development hang, retain B firm what make as far as possible original product system is insusceptible, can satisfy the demand for service of K company again.
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