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ERP carries out failure and the person keeps below " knife "
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2, the executive adviser of B company comes up from professional accomplishment say very pretty good, everybody very respect property, the software product to company itself also is more familiar, but because this is the project of industry of the first leather shoes of B company, a lot of executive adviser do not have the experience of leather shoes industry, make in executive process, executive adviser and business section often are out of the question goes together. This also created each business departments relatively strong, did not undertake business flow improve well, much development work was done by existing flow, made this software project did not achieve the goal that optimizes business flow. And optimize business flow, dress to enterprise of industry surveyor's pole, also be an original intention that L always implements ERP project.

3, him Sun Yi just also turned to K company from other company, to K company run circumstance understanding to differ, and also be to cross an industry to find new job, take the experience of the industry without too much shoe, also do not have the experience of this respect plus the executive adviser of B company, specific business problem is being encountered in the executive process of the project is one bring shame on two more, do not know how to start.

4, more those who make Sun Yi depressed is, because the project of ERP is involved,arrive design, production, purchase, the departmental door; such as content shedding, commodity, sale, carry out hind, finance affairs because one of duty of the manager of project of this Party A that this and departmental door manager have coordinating is him. But because K company is civilian battalion enterprise, still stress arteries and veins of a few people and relationship, will arrive suddenly first, everybody is not familiar, so. Business section says he is busy, of made ERP system go up the line also is postpone again and again. Across, b company is eager to those who end this project carrying out, also be to urging Sun Yi to go up at once line, those who be afraid of is a project long, person also lack. But coordinate ” with respect to “ these two words, made Sun Yi night cannot sleep.

The project begins from March, till December, each business section agrees with a project to be able to go up eventually line. Sun Yi also feels OK to release what is held was enraged, after all the time that this project spent 8 his months, every day nocturnal night keeps bad news is on this project. And after the line on project success, he also can turn to IT department manager from the project manager of Party A, this project also is a final examination that Sun Yi is in K company, the project is successful, he is exam pass a barrier.

But what the thing did not expect like Sun Yi is so successful. Some allow the thing that produces next even Sun Yi unawares.

The project predicts be the line on December 3, such as it happens are Zhou Yi. To be ready for any eventuality, sun Yi organizes each business section to used the breathing space Saturday to undertake comprehensive imitate. Imitate spent 3 hours, discovered a lot of problems: After the sale module that includes new development and the price system set that financial data has problem; to have to receiving, inferior agent cannot get the price delivers; to manage to the mainest measures group in time however, this measures form can be used in a few module, but arrived other module however have more than is needed; still has quit money management like the agent, not well and truly according to before the rate returning money of the setting and retreat goods to fold rate will have consideration.
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