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ERP carries out failure and the person keeps below " knife "
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Also put in Sun Yi when putting uneasiness, l always looked for his talk to come, l the first total word is: This project can say “ is failure, the reason is very much I did not say more, but the expression to you, of I or satisfaction. To your present circumstance, a word that I give you is: ‘ sets his mind at to work, come again from the beginning ’ . The ERP that says this again fails we also are not is devoid results. If we come again, the assurance of how many success do you have? ”

Original L also always was undertaking reflection for this project:

1, is the unsuccessful responsibility of the project in who? Should for, everybody makes this item before too cursory, think last ERP systems are mixed buy a financial software about the same, but the real case that did not have a product considering B company, and pay attention to this big shop sign that goes seeing B company only. Have again, the early days theory that K company carries out to ERP system guides the job of and so on also is done do not appear, unsuccessful inducement is actually from fell with respect to the knot at the beginning.

2, after the project fails, do not continue even ERP? ERP system is fixed want to go up, put the how just goes up issue that be in now, but L always is not familiar with informatization, oneself hold Dao Yeming to show the ground not actual, return so that want somebody to be able to carry a travel of this one ability.

3, if continue ERP, who will do the most appropriate? So called, “ stays below green hill, do not be afraid of do not have bavin to burn ” , open him with its, be inferior to using him. Mix to business situation inside the company now after all the deepest to the understanding of informatization is to have him only. If look for an individual to be no good all right afresh again? New personality comes to a company have a risk, everybody does not make sure new personality comes over now is able person, can mix of company in step. After 3 months were being ground in the project that fails in this, be Sun Yi just also find a sense, spent so much money, gave practice to come out Sun Yi person that does project group namely actually.

Above the course a few think, l just always decides You Sunyi holds the position of IT department manager, after the Spring Festival passes, those who continue to begin ERP project carry out. And this, l asks always is: Make a success only, must not fail! And Sun Yi listened L after this total drive, should assure ERP project what also issued military orders written complaint 2 times type selecting carries out a success.

Hind word

This is one 3 years ago reviews, right now Sun Yi has been the vise general manager of K company, also look after the job of content shedding, plan and IT respect, grow from IT manager for vise general manager, he also does not plaint by the ground: It is the quantity that L servantchooses a person for a job always at the outset, just did not let him bale person. Also remind each manager at the same time, ERP project fails, wait a moment fries a person! It is “ stays so that knowledge is in after all, do not be afraid that the project is not successful! ”
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