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Supplied catenary market cake where to go
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After add ERP, content shedding supplies catenary to make the another popular statement of software domain. The research organization sheds the findings report that runs software market to show to content, hopeful of dimensions of this domain market is in in the near future inside exceed ERP, the software of business management informatization of predominate. Still data makes clear, arrive from 2002 2005, the market dimensions of content shedding software with annual the dimensions of 50% above grows, future of this kind of impetus still will go down continuously, such survey and data let a person shine at the moment really.

However the software firm in this regale people? Their day is not moist, rather, woebegone person still be in the majority. It is the market that has development power extremely at the same time, other one side is woebegone businessman however, powerful head can'ts help making a person interrogative, does the problem go after all where?

Did cake disappear?

In backside of relevant market investigation report, have a basic premise: The development of content shedding market is sure the development that drives counterpart to shed software market. But the market scope that gives by these simple estimation only and increase rate, do not shed software firm to be able to eat in the mouth on behalf of content.

In fact, the way that Chinese content spreads to software industry and content sort the development of course of study and did not press double track parallel to develop comes. Of domestic economy swift and violent fly make content sheds itself of course of study to included its dimensions, composition, efficiency to get high speed develops etc, and the process of informatization did not catch up with however come.

Its reason depends on: Above all, our country content sheds course of study not to mature, according to investigation, the thing that at present business of the 3rd content shedding offers sheds a service 85% it is to carry, the foundation such as storage serves, and information, treatment is handled and the appreciation sex service such as finance affairs is occupied only 15% . Content sheds the centre of gravity of course of study to still be carried in home, apply as to what wait for a few advanced techniques like GPS very few, can doing international content to shed carrying trade Wu is can be counted on one's fingers more. Accordingly, from current and character, content of not urgent need sheds their business structure software.

The 2nd, the content of our country sheds the market to be in muddleheaded hair exhibition period, numerous other people sheds business to undertaking fumbling to the development of oneself. Development of content shedding business and the uncertainty that did not come also created the bottleneck situation that at present content sheds software system market.

Moreover, content sheds business to use content to shed the original intention that runs software is to should reduce cost. Current, what still give priority to with manpower is medium or small the IT system environment that company of the 3rd content shedding has content not completely still to shed software to ask, run professional other people to shed administrative software to mean huge hard software investment. In the meantime, to many old state-owend enterprise, how to find a place for the surplus labor force after moving software, also not be the problem that solves easily.
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