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Financial software causes informatization farce
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MIS of Beijing University development is not had result and return, software of ranking depressive finance affairs uses failure, company business norm, application upgrades a variety of accidental results in the process are driving ordinary members of theatrical troupe of this enterprise informatization to become more professional necessarily. Because major is carried so,be have more responsibility, still assume more difficult problem for major, this is the difficult problem of cause and effect that affects enterprise informatization strategy and CIO liability together now

What company of the phone in 1996 promulgates is being placed to be as long as in Ding Biao's office of a few pages " foreign trade of head office of Chinese electron imports and exports is provisional byelaw " , a variety of skimble-scamble business flow that this file exists so to the company undertook unity mixing standard, a turning point of informatization of company of the phone in also indicating at the same time. Company business receives a standard, just finish again EDI application system, had been opposite right now the thought that the business is very familiar fourth Biao Meng related imports and exports sent dispersive pair before application system to undertake conformity. This integrated below DOS environment integrated application system includes to export business, import business, store the module such as carry, financial, plan, statistic, up-to-date this system still is in in electric company is producing effect, this calculates going up is medium the MIS system on the first real significance of electric company.

Inside two years of 1995 time to 1996, ding Biao is popularizing this to cover MIS system in the company all the time, on the problem that this Rangdingbiao is communicating with the person indeed some progress. Up-to-date, ding Biao still rates the issue that communicates with the person one of working keys. The MIS system at that time, because be pair of simple business electrons no longer,change, action also no longer respect of statistic of mere bureau be confined to, how many a few more normative non-standard before thing, in the process of promotion, a when must want to have compromise, otherwise this system is carried out hard go down. It is very important that “ learns to be communicated with other department, or you compromise, or he compromises, perhaps find place of a balance jointly. When you should change others way, must notice to be communicated with others, otherwise, communicate bad word, can let a person produce inimical psychology, and your job is to follow chain, a link appeared problem, other should be affected, saying MIS system is masses project, the truth is here ” .

Beijing University does not have finished work, after a few years, however by in electric him company IT personnel was finished. This thing is sturdier Ding Biao is right the confidence that develops pattern independently. In those days the MIS system that this You Dingbiao's leader develops still is in till today in electric company is moving, time of 6 years, enough proves this covers a system going up somehow is very successful.
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