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WindowsXP retreats city shortly medium and small businesses to object
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On June 30, 2008, will be the day that sold long Windows XP of 7 years and us to say good-bye, though technical support still will continue, but can no more resemble be being bought from normal channel in that way before after all, and Microsoft announces to will be opposite no longer the flaw of XP has patch repair, of XP retreat city to be able to bring an influence to broad user surely, and is the medium and small businesses that holds market great majority how look?

For this, we were located at the IT website of ZhongGuanCun core area to undertake interviewing to, we are informed over there a professional technology personnel from this company, medium and small businesses was not put on the heart at all to a kind of such misfortunes.

When to Windows XP and Vista these two operating systems undertake comparative, this technical user showed clear good impression to Vista system. He says: “ compared XP to promote on operation interface as a result of Vista many, so the feeling is being used easily there was apparent progress on the gender. When you need uses a mobile phone (the smartphone that what the mobile phone of here points to is operating system of use Windows Mobile) when getting online, below XP condition outfit of a lot of driver rises very troublesome, he can identify below Vista and build a network easily to join. ”

Additional, the security accord that this technical user returns pair of Vista very high opinion, his citing says: File of a system, must promote administrator attributive ability to delete, can prevent a trojan so or virus adapts this file.

But the compatibility about Vista operating system, this technical user gave out a few different views. A lot of users are blaming “ now Vista operating system and the problem with a lot of soft incompatible hardware, this I also admit, do not support software of a few management and financial software for example, but still a few can be solve with technical measure, this may need to compare strong professional knowledge, because use a program,is very big distinction in the meeting when installation. ”

Mention XP to remove the city effect to medium and small businesses, this technical personnel was shown not quite think like that manner, he says: “ all the time since we reach our to original XP system dependence of relevant technology service is not strong, we can search the technology of a lot of sources to serve through getting online, these are open, make by him lover of a lot of technologies. Such doing not only the cost that can reduce a company to move, and still can have bigger choice room, we also make a few application programs that apply to company microenvironment sometimes in order to achieve convenient with practical purpose. ”

In Internet technology of unprecedented development today, although like Microsoft a such main products retreat city to also do not have broad user to bring how old influence,; looks now at least, the market has not shown reaction of a kind of unwell. This gives Vista operating system to had been approbated by user place gradually in the report on certain level, also explain at the same time, present user cannot have been accepted close, a source of new technology and sharing will be prospective IT circle is thematic.
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