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ERP carries out optimize class
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ERP carries out optimizing class is the superlative degree that ERP carries out, the enterprise seeks advice through recommending government, business flow recombines and ERP system is optimized ceaselessly to whole industry course, to company course medium government changes undertake reasonable anticipate, to changing the course is reasonable control, and obtain anticipate change the effect.

The enterprise that executive ERP optimizes class has favourable fund, have stronger government foundation, have well-trained executive team, and the product of ERP famous brand that can seek the maturity on the market and advisory manufacturer. Carry out the enterprise that optimizes class to be able to anticipate ERP carries out pair of finance affairs, purchase, of the key management field such as resource of production, manpower change, can the obstruction that prejudge changes, search an enterprise actively to have administrative good qualities and fault, in order to achieve the goal that with western management mode transforms enterprise oneself to manage blemish. In the meantime, the enterprise is good at differentiate fastening the effectiveness that manages flow of advisory plan, business to recombine, the cost that changes to management and accrual undertake an analysis, carry out a process reliably to undertake controlling to ERP. The company of this level improves the application of business information system OK and initiatively ceaselessly, undertake optimizing to possible course is changed and be being improved continuously. Change among them include to undertake discriminating to changing possibly, the influence after evaluating management to change, approval changes, carry out change; Improve the source that includes to define problem of good cause, analysis again continuously, measure improvement result to wait.

The ERP that undertakes optimizing class carries out need enterprise to have thorough knowledge to the function of software of domestic and international ERP, the plan mode to ERP system, leader mode, organization mode, control mode has careful analysis, have to introducing the government that ERP system will cause to the enterprise to change anticipate, and make change plan, use the pattern in ERP finally through carrying out the administrative system of the enterprise undertakes affirming, in the routine that brings into an enterprise. Normally these jobs should have the technical ability of two respects, the function that is familiar ERP system on one hand and the west that its contain manage mode, it is the rule of the administrative pattern of enterprise of familiar our country and business development on the other hand. Prudent company still asks advisory company and ERP supplier are right typical administrative technological process changes the test that has forerunner sex and of demonstrative model demonstrate, the problem that can encounter to future so can be defined with the result, thereby the precinct region with the biggest effect of establish ERP system reachs his to guide ordinal, whether to stop a test through undertaking analytic will decide to the lesson of experimental result.
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