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With friendly ERP height of manufacturing industry of the 6th China can be pulle
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The near future, the —— of administrative software provider with Asian the biggest mainland uses “ of friendly software Inc. meeting and industry peak meet height of manufacturing industry of the 6th China ” head the station is in Ning Bo is fervent hold, spot echo is very enthusiastic, no matter be in the morning advocate assembly room or the machinery afternoon and electronic branch field, person energy of life lasts high temperature, if,business operator delegate seeks knowledge thirsty, feel the fine much achievement of industry of the deep ploughing that use friend. Pulled open so far what use national industry activity friendly ERP is the royalest up to now is prelusive, it is reported, this grand meeting will be in and other places of Ning Bo, Guangzhou, Fosan, Shenzhen, Jiangsu, Chongqing is held in succession.

With go to a peak what can differ somewhat is, to reflect manufacturing industry management further the industry of informatization domain manages otherness, this second peak can take the course of action that holds series peak to meet by industry fractionize first. Make a peak integratedly can cover mechanical, electron, dress, steam to match, cent sells the industry field such as line of business of retail, pottery and porcelain, chemical industry, metallurgy, medicine, service, last a period of time is close two months, make current home last a period of time the biggest, industry enclothes the longest, dimensions summit of the most full-scale informatization of manufacturing industry management is met, also will release the solution of industry of more than 10 fractionize ceremoniously at the appointed time, exceptionally grand occasion of it may be said, brand-new appear.

As the 6th China height of informatization of manufacturing industry management is met opening ceremony, peak of mechanical electron industry meets Ning Bo on, with friendly company vice president Mr Xiang Jihan did a problem to be the theme of ” of mode of China of “ China advantage to make a speech. Mr Xiang Jihan points out: The change as external environment, government is relevant the adjustment of policy, business obverse side is facing Chinese manufacturing industry to change tremendously challenge, and government changes is among them the most important one link. Strengthen business management of enterprise in the round, get used to vicissitude of the market to had become China to make the collective task that the enterprise faces quickly.

On the meeting, the communication that the respect such as the gets adviser of military content, expert to managed nimble management ” to spread out China to make a trade subtly around “ main advantage of manufacturing industry enterprise and mode, occasion that becomes reputable company and challenge had manufacturing industry manages informatization, reveal more the optimal business practice that accords with enterprises of each industry manufacturing industry.

Speak of China making an industry, the expert thinks: Chinese manufacturing industry filled numerous dominant position at present. Relatively open industrial trade policy attracted foreign capital to invest, also opened global market for Chinese commodity. Of standard of native land living rose to also form a driving home to consume the market ceaselessly, this encouraged more foreign investment again, after establishing necessary dimensions for market of indigenous industry home, undertake competitive effectively offerringed an opportunity in abroad. In addition, ground of Chinese government successive liberalizes to what state-owned company executes policy promoted competition, developed a batch of the finest native land production businesses. China's substantial manufacturing industry business chance also trained large quantities of native land production companies that have actual strength. But at the same time, the development speed of manufacturing industry gets of a lot of element restrict. Rise ceaselessly to cost more, production enterprise faces the challenge that runs cost; Below new labor law, how to pursue lower labor cost; Consumer is more and more mature, quality requirement is more and more slashing, how to control product quality; Supply chain longer, more complex, how had done supplier government.
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