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About Jin Die KIS
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What is Jin Die KIS?

KIS= Keep It Simple, concise and professional, yi Xueyi is used.

Jin Die KIS is limited company of group of software of golden butterfly international (stock code: 0268.HK; ” of group of Jin Die of “ of the following abbreviation) the administrative software that small and medium sized business faces below the banner. China was based on its traceable the first set 1995 the Jin Die of Windows operation platform 2000 series product, through the development that comes ten years, had become the medium and small businesses that has hundred thousands of client the first brand, obtain following honor:

2007IDC is successive 4 years market of software of management of medium and small businesses is had rate the first
Edition of 2007 major of Jin Die KIS have the honor to win Chinese software guild to recommend product of “ China outstanding software”
Edition of 2007 trade of Jin Die KIS have the honor to win Chinese software guild to recommend “2007 year outstanding software product”
2007 " computer business signs up for " 2007 year (the 4th) title of champion of software of ERP of Chinese IT channel
2007 " computer product and current " channel of software of 2007 year management chooses a gold prize
Through Chinese accountant association evaluation is accorded with first 2006 " system of small company treasurer " the software product that provides with relevant code
2005 year small business manages 2005 China MII brand of software first selection

Product of Jin Die KIS acts on the design principle of “Keep It Simple” , use the most mature technology research and development and into. The interface designs advantage of beautiful and concise and lively, easy, operation, not tall also to running an environment to ask. The management of the different company property of medium and small businesses and different development phase narrates basis of Jin Die KIS beg, development gives product of 3 old series, it is major of Jin Die KIS respectively series of edition of trade of KIS of edition series, Jin Die and edition of standard of Jin Die KIS / confuse your edition / series of administrative career edition.

Product fixed position

The product of product of KIS financial series locates

Product of series of finance affairs of Jin Die KIS is brand of Jin Die KIS a subordinate financial business accounting that face small and medium sized business run software. Among them KIS standard edition and the subordinate branch that confuse your edition to suit small-sized monomer enterprise and group company are used; Edition of KIS administration career suits administrative institution to use, be like unit of Party and goverment officials, scientific research, school, medical establishment and other administration institution. Product of series of finance affairs of Jin Die KIS can apply at branch of company finance affairs, can have comprehensive and effective government to enterprise Zhang Wu, fixed assets, salary and cashier.
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