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Advantage of " of ERP" home products
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Study a report according to the market of Gartner Group, because suffer the effect of global economy depression, market of ERP of 2001 whole worlds appeared to fall achieve the atrophy of 27% , fell 2002 an estimation for 12% , and the market survey result according to domestic Sai Di adviser, market of Chinese ERP software sold amount to achieve 870 million yuan 2001, grow 52.6% than 2000, continued to maintain the momentum that grows quickly 2002, the high speed of the depression of the international market and market of domestic ERP software develops the ERP manufacturer that attracted numerous abroad, besides SAP besides such ERP tycoon, firms of other foreign medium-sized ERP also constituted the tremendous menace of domestic ERP manufacturer, face formidable competitor, ERP manufacturer of China should make clear his competitive advantage place above all.

ERP— informatization is pronominal

At present the definition understanding to ERP still is not very unified, some manufacturers were using those finance affairs merely into sell the software that put to also sign up for for ERP, what additionally also some of enterprise user is carried out is the module of a part of ERP merely, for instance manpower resource manages module, financial module, and the butt joint that can not realize each module, data Gu island was formed between each module, such product is not the ERP on real significance actually.

The presenter Gartner of ERP seeks advice from a company to define ERP at first is one is used at running a company the application of whole business assembles, his conformity sale, make, manpower resource management, content shedding, accountant and other company function, allow them to share database and commercial analysis tool, ERPII put forward 2000, extend the concept of ERP those who cross industry, open mode to cooperate with system of business affairs application.

The flow of contemporary company business that ERP manufacturer regards ERP to standardize normally (Business Process) , its assist an enterprise to do good function conformity through computer software (Functional Integration) . The ” of “ interactive management that home also has an enterprise to put forward to be based on ” of system of alliance of “ economy resource to manage a concept is, come in the limits that expects to bring into the exterior resource of the enterprise and market trends management, formed to be core with ” of “ brand enterprise thereby, it is the system of alliance of old economy resource of ally with client, supplier, partner, its are constitutionally namely ERP and SCM (supply catenary government) characteristic confluence is together.

The ERP that place of domestic company user understands is the function of existing and all business the enterprise (like manpower resource, finance affairs, make, accountant, cent is sold, purchase etc) the link arrives in a joint system, make business flow unobstructed and automation, can be in this process flow does the business the enterprise to be combed in the round, the enterprise has been ERP understanding the project of enterprise whole informatization, very much even business thinks relation of so called client manages (CRM) and supply catenary government (SCM) the one part that is ERP.
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