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Advantage of " of ERP" home products
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The success of project of domestic ERP software is to ask industry organization gets used to ERP normally, be about to measure a body to have something made to order for enterprise user otherwise, author survey discovers, what differ with foreign enterprise is, the process that ERP manufacturer of home asks enterprise user organization gets used to ERP normally does so called BPR namely (business flow give somebody a new lease on life) process, a lot of enterprises carry out the flow that before BPR understands to carry out ERP namely, adjusts the flow of the enterprise in getting used to ERP before executive ERP, perhaps can pass a client to change, parameter setting will realize company flow computerization secondhand, this is not accorded with with the thought of original business flow give somebody a new lease on life apparently, but in actual unit process of cargo bandling, this really also can yet be regarded as a kind of reasonable method, it is completely likely that a few successful case show the enterprise organizes applied ERP, domestic company recombines to undertake be complete likelihood with executive ERP synchronism in executive company business, in fact to major country company, unlikely also that one pace reachs the designated position the information system that implements newest administrative idea and computer software union, so this kind of measurable adjustment can regard the system that accords with national condition as to adjust.

The solution of special industry also is the place that domestic ERP manufacturer forms an advantage easily. Administrative software is final be to should accord with real company business to admit need, ERP manufacturer of home should capture an enterprise to organize development characteristic and new administrative requirement to offer right ERP product, offer for instance get used to the ERP system at dummy company technically, offer confluence the ERP system that supplies catenary and intellectual management system, and still can think a lot of special industries build China industry informatization model, the standard that carries out industry informatization with the management department collaboration of the industry.

The ERP that is united in wedlock with the industry can be the focus of next bilateral contention, home is like oil industry at present, basically by SAP forestall, but this is one begins merely. There are a lot of industries to need to build modern administrative system in China at present, need carries out company natural resources to plan a system, far the trade solution with foreign software existing firm can not enclothe this quite, ERP manufacturer of China should drive what go up in industry level actively to permeate, the informatization that pursues a few special trades will be a lot of new the strategic target that entered ERP firm should consider actively.

In any moment, competitive advantage and inferior position are be in what change each other as constant change of the environment, today's advantage becomes domestic firm probably the inferior position tomorrow, domestic manufacturer hopes to be able to gain permanent competitive advantage, still must pay close attention to oneself to produce the potential demand that tastes quality and user truly, on research and development increase investment, strengthen the innovation of the product.
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