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Small selection of financial information to be out of the confusion
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First, the private financial information of the characteristics of SMEs

Financial information, corporate financial officers is the use of modern technology, the business process reengineering and the establishment of corresponding financial management, corporate financial resources to explore the potential of information, make full use of enterprise information resources and improve the efficiency of financial management in order to better organize the business activities to achieve corporate financial goals in the process.

To those produced in a monopolistic industry, compared to state-owned enterprises, private enterprises in a competitive industry, among its information technology needs should be more strongly; and financial management is the soul, and therefore financial information is even more important in the weight. But status quo is not the case. Chinese private enterprises in general the construction of financial information is not only lagging behind foreign companies, but is also a disadvantage in the country. Lack of financial information of private enterprises mainly as follows: First, lack of information technology professionals; Second, standardized financial management is not high, the management system, the establishment of the production process, are still in the comb stage, so they want the help of management software, to assist them to improve business management deficiencies; and the third is biased understanding of financial information, many people tend to believe that private enterprise is responsible for "financial activities with computers to deal with the financial information is to achieve" a lot of company's finance department with a good computer equipment.

Private enterprise financial information of these deficiencies led to a lot of private SMEs in the selection of financial information on a fatal error, thus delaying the construction of private enterprise information footsteps, and thus how to select a suitable private financial characteristics of SMEs is critical to the software .

Second, private enterprises confusion selection of financial information

It is obvious that the financial management of private small and medium enterprises in a very distinct disadvantage. Therefore, with the necessary means of information to help private enterprises to improve the quality of financial management is imminent. It is understood that the State will be in 2008, all enterprises in the implementation of the new accounting standards, not much time left to SMEs. Private small and medium enterprises how to choose a suitable financial software? Private owners of SMEs often face the following puzzle:

Confused one, so dazzling financial software, which one is right for me?

Second confusion, my business is constantly changing, Which software can adapt to my change?

Confused Third, I so little money, how to use it?

Four confused, I should be assessed several aspects from that who for my business?

Five confusion, the software how to meet current and future business needs change?

Six confusion, the software choose the wrong consequences?

Faced with all these confusing selection, to form a selection team to develop a scientific and rational selection process and strategy is necessary.

Third, the software selection of the preparation strategy

The preparatory work is the basis for the software selection process, including the establishment of the preparatory group, detailed needs analysis and market research, etc., preparation of tender documents, evaluation and scoring system, and development of key areas, many companies have done quite hastily on this link, lead to low success rate information.

(A) of the selection panel set up

Organization of a lean, efficient software selection team, financial software for the correct choice is very important. Selection of team members should be business decision-making, and includes the business sector, financial sector and the IT sector stakeholders. Selection of team leader in which the choice is particularly critical. Business leaders and technology-based leader in software selection will reflect their different styles. Often emphasize technology-based head of advanced technology, software vendors market image, the software functions; and more emphasis on service-oriented enterprise business needs and future changes. For the selection of private small and medium enterprises should be more business-oriented software technology for supporting the evaluation principles.

(B) to do needs analysis

What is the correct selection? In fact, not a certain standard, it is important to first measure of their own needs and capabilities. To meet the business needs and capabilities within the acceptable range, selected is the right software and vendor selection. Therefore, a clear understanding of business requirements and evaluation capacity of enterprises can afford to become a key factor in the success of selection.

1, analysis of financial processes, the demand for a comprehensive

In the selection of financial software, the company should be based on the existing financial processes, after the initial planning of computerized accounting financial processes, and as a basis, the financial software make high, middle and lower overall demand.

2, filtering, and integration requirements

A lot of demand from different subjects, from the perspective of an individual or department needs, often in conflict with other departments or duplications. If each must be met, not met each of the last to become not only the efficiency is not obvious, usually on the line will also affect the time to form a fragmented situation. Therefore, the effective filtering and integration needs, it becomes very important.

3, ability to assess, identify needs

Needs to be linked with the ability, according to the enterprise with the ability to determine the size range of needs. Less private finance for SMEs, IT professionals and information based on the lack of low ability to determine its weak information. Enterprises need to calmly combing a high-level financial and management processes to determine the scope of the demand, the limited ability to use information wisely, modest demand unlimited expansion.

(C) understand the market, targeted

Wide range of financial software products on the market, different functions, business situation is different and how to find the most suitable software, is not a simple matter. In order to avoid risks, to do know ourselves, targeted not only specific to their needs, but also understand the market conditions.

1, the traditional financial software, financial software and enterprise-class comparison

Traditional financial accounting department software is a stand point of design software, all to the accounting department as the center, only to meet the financial management needs, without regard to the interface and other functions, not to other sectors of the business of real-time monitoring. Enterprise financial software is the stand point of view the design of enterprise management of financial software, it reflects the flow of funds in the form of the management process, full consideration of other functional departments and business converge, the whole enterprise an integral management system part of the massive data processing, remote application, network concurrency control, security, and so there can not match advantage.

2, foreign and domestic financial software comparison software

Most manufacturers of domestic financial software system design and development mostly in the accounting module is based on a number of extensions, and not completely out of account, afterwards the box, resulting in the most widely used corporate purchase, or to book the most effective records, and the rest needs to be improved on in the application, did not really play a proper financial management information system. Imports of financial software technology is relatively mature, but the cost is high, many small and medium enterprises can not afford to buy or purchase some of the features. Moreover, the software more foreign words and new words, translation is also different, and even use some of the latest information in English only, to our managers set a high barrier to entry, and thus more suitable choice of private small and medium enterprises Domestic financial software.

3 Comparison of common software and industry software

The current generic market's a lot of financial management software, the software in the function, operation, interface and other areas are relatively simple and flexible, for Invoicing, simple cost and financial management also has convenient place, and such software function in the system has been basically stable, mature. However, the software often to meet the special needs of specific industries is not very place, if the specificity of a strong business sector, and only select the software industry.

(Iv) make capital reserve

Financial information needs of a larger investment, began to select the software product, should be approved to do the budget and ensure the normal activities of purchase software.