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Gu Zhun, the accountant legend with dusty history
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He is known as tear open next rib when firebrand, “ ignites him to illuminate the ideologist of broken dark ” ; He is called the first person that Chinese economy academia offers theory of economy of the market below socialistic condition. It is in 20 century character halls of Chinese, a variety of rays of Gu Zhun are glaring Yu Si, the accounting profession that he is full of legend then and has contribution quite is forgotten by people place “ however ” .

The Beijing of summer, 3 lis of rivers with cross-strait shady willow flow silently dripping. 1974 that winter, gu Zhun's ashes of the dead has a half to be scattered in this river that leads to distance.

Gu Zhun and his times goes gradually gradually far

From last centuries 80 time begin, gu Zhun before one's death write is disentombed one by one by people, but his accountant research achievement did not cause trade inside intense echo. To 90 time metaphase, lifted “ Gu Zhun to heat up ” inside limits of whole China intelligentsia almost, but people thinks over, the is centered in him mainly thought level of discussion Gu Zhun and economics level.

Gu Zhun is the accountant Great Master of unsurpassed of lid of a coronal. Up-to-date, the research that home follows to considering from accountant angle also is to just start. The accountant says not without regretful ground since humanitarian expert Zhanglian.

Ever the old editor level that the editor-in-charge considers accurate biography too bear, nearly 10 come for years the press more he regards lay particular stress on as the thought gigantic child life experience and scholarship, in the biography accountant element is not emphasized.

Those who considered accurate accounting profession to hold course of 59 years of his life is very big one part, but ever was lost to change in a variety of recall about these his experience.

Talent teenager: Controller of 15 years old

1930, the father ” Pan Xulun of “ China contemporary accountant is in Shanghai new the accountant correspondence school that establish, invited year only teenager of 15 years old is become chief. He is Gu Zhun.

3 years ago, firm full the difficult task of 12 years old that considers accurate shoulder to raise a family, come to office of Pan Xulun accountant via person introduction (hind incognito believe accountant office to stand) when trainee. When the office is being taken first, he is some drier pour the tea, miscellaneous work that sends a money to the bank to the guest, conduction company registers the business that registers with brand. Summer 1928, gu Zhun read book-keeping of half an year in the evening school of accountant establishing a letter of Pan Xulun open, pass assiduous self-study, mastered an accountant stage by stage this course, gradational should go up of the office accountant, audit accounts assistant.

Be in charge of around of accountant correspondence school, gu Zhun has been in Shanghai business circles cuts a figure at that time, be known as the talent teenager ” with peculiar “ .
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