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Wang Wentao: I and company grow in all
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Saying beautiful words of the standard and fluent Chinese, having the Wang Wentao of typical Chinese appearance, it is the international profession handler of be worthy of the name. Many factories job crosses his whole world in Ford, had become officer of car engineer, presiding information (CIO) , after coming to Inc. of river bell car, as financial chief inspector, he develops himself to acme in the endowment of financial management respect.

Jiang Ling is returned this before 10 years only light card is onefold product, discharge in not very of Chinese automobile industry on the manufacturer of date, do vibrantly nowadays, became one of companies with the biggest industry of Chinese commercial vehicle.

Abroad " financial chief inspector " magazine assess China appears on the market the management of battalion transport fund of Motor Corporation, river bell seniority the first. The China that advisory firm undertakes couplet finance affairs in appears on the market evaluation of outstanding achievement of Motor Corporation finance affairs, river bell seniority the first.

Because these are accomplished, wang Wentao becomes winner of Chinese CFO large award.

Jiang Ling is my “ blessing ground”

Although the home is in the United States, but all previous through 10 years is experienced, wang Wentao majesticed to become the Nanchang person of a tunnel like that.

Wang Wentao is one of the first batch of economy technologists that American Ford Motor Corporation accredited Jiang Ling 1995. Say according to Wang Wentao, from him the first day of Lai Jiangling rises, no matter be the growing latent capacity with Chinese car giant company, still be Jiang Ling's good work atmosphere, make he feels he will be here brandish asperses passion, fight and implementation dream.

At that time, face the Jiang Ling with still weak actual strength, wang Wentao hates all skill that cannot take out him to be acquired in Ford place. He is in the administrative concept respect with river bell brand-new infuse, made indefatigable effort, apply finance affairs to analyse systematic management company, the scientific operation that strengthened cost management, financial system through mechanism of this kind of government.

Be participated in by him and specific and responsible financial system improves Jiang Ling, informatization is transformed, improvement of company processing structure, interior management and flow are improved, stimulative improvement supply financial management of chain management, agency, all these are for Jiang Ling on high starting point development and fly built a firm base.

From him chief inspector of finance affairs of formal 2000 replace begins, below the leader of board of directors and president, the work in the same placing of the group of Jiang Ling management that he is in together together, experienced Jiang Ling the fastest hair exhibition period on car phylogeny, maintain net profit 3 years to grow 50% above continuously, be in 2003, 2004, successive 2005 from China 3 years many 1400 appear on the market show itself in the company have the honor to win appear on the market company 100 strong. 2005, jiang Ling becomes one of car companies that the benefit of a few net with Chinese automobile only industry is growing, outstanding achievement evaluation lists all automobiles kind appear on the market company the first.
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