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Money Zhongshan: Arrive from physical doctor CFO
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If not was to choose a brand-new profession, money Zhongshan, the doctor that physics of celestial bodies of this Colombia university fastens, still perhaps be in a certain scientific lab of American, take an outer space of Gaobei binoculars look into the distance. But now, money Zhongshan fight in some places one by one at capital market, stockjobber, osculatory is fluctuation wave motion point to, the forms for reporting statistics of constant change. God-given is, money Zhongshan feels all these makes him very comfortable, very happy.

On October 15, 2004, the United States, na Sida captures the stock market, financial website (next weighing financial) the stock hangs out his shingle the first day here trade, issued valence to be in surely 13 dollars. Look in money Zhongshan, this number is not that number that Euramerican person place abstains from, however a “magic Number” (secret number) . Time of American the eastpart part in the morning at 11 o'clock, financial with 15.5 dollars open quotation, instantly midday at 4 o'clock accept city closing quotation when, financial collect 81 million dollar.

“ is me this day a the happiest day. ” money Zhongshan laughs.

Abandon manage to be from business chase after new

Money Zhongshan, 41 years old, family name of Jiangsu Yangzhou person. In those days with whole town the 2nd achievement takes an examination of university of Chinese science and technology, after graduation, enter Colombian college smoothly, devote into at under one's name of project of CUSPEA of Li Zheng path. Choose an astrophysical, money Zhongshan reached reason end on times body: We await “ in those days as it happens is ‘ learns several manage to change, walk along the world not to fear the time of ’ , as the student that awaits in those days, if several manage are chemical bad, explain your ability is no good. So I am in enter oneself for an examination professional when, go toward this direction. And junior at that time heart is high, to maths, computer these professional interest are not much already, want to learn borderline subject of go to school. ” money Zhongshan thinks back to when “ is young at that time ” , asing if still is the teenager that that personal feeling just powerfuls: “ I am to like to seek new person, the astrophysical is told to me very mysterious, have too much and sealed thing, chose this major so. ”

Chase after new differ Yu Aixin, learning, money Zhongshan feels his choice has deviation gradually, “ has too much and too much elite to be squeezed on this single-plank bridge in the United States, till enter blind lane. ” but money Zhongshan did not regret to choose this, the education of “ Colombia university gave me sober, rational thinking way, and let me learned to see potential possibility through the phenomenon, if the interpreter goes up into bazaar, say even if can see business chance from inside common phenomenon. ”
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