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The Yuan Gong Gang of the 20 people that affect Chinese software development
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He, utterance is not much, but the point of view is clear;
He, obtain praise many, but act is low-key.
-- -- this is one comparatives solid sincere, to the person that the technology is obsessed with extremely.

Yuan Gong Gang (Daniel Yuan) is Shenzhen among Jin Die limited company chief scientist. Obtained computer of Beijing aerospace university to use bachelor's degree 1991, senior software develops an expert, the technique with Chinese Java and established domain of J2EE core technology is authoritative.
Yuan Gong Gang joined in 1994 Jin Die, still lay in whole industry 1996 when DOS times the earliest successful development goes the Jin Die that is based on Windows platform financial software, initiated support technology innovation to promote the model that the company grows quickly; Successful 1998 development goes the system of Jin Die K/3 that is based on technology of three-layer structure component to introduce application software of golden butterfly business, make Jin Diecheng applies three-layer structure technology the earliest to develop the software company of application software system for home, consolidated Jin Die is in further the lead dominant position on the technology. Made crackajack contribution for Jin Die's development, it is the legend programmer of group of software of golden butterfly international.
Early of Yuan red hillock began the research of Java technology, saw the Java technology far-reaching effect to Internet times beforehand, lead the core that the academy began J2EE framework in the center of the Jin Die at that time- - the research of J2EE application server and development, successful development goes domestic head home to own completely own intellectual property, and the first Jin Die Apusic that passes international J2EE attestation applies a server, become international JCP to organize Chinese delegate. 2000, among Jin Die the company holds water, development is at present swift and violent, high speed of outstanding achievement in successive years grows, had become the China that has international competition ability among lead firm. Yuan Gong Gang has the technical touch of acumen, old software develops experience, to the technology of application software development trend is having accurate eye, it is the founder of the first J2EE application server of domestic, the programmer that also is system of technology of J2EE of understanding of domestic industry development and mark sex character. 2004, one of 20 people " that are developed for software of " influence China by recommend by the public.

Thought of Yuan red hillock distinctive, conversation is few and often straight from the shoulder, his viewpoint and only a few published cards are affected on technical group and net great.