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Wang Baihua of tide Qi Lu: It is informatization the only way in coordination
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Summary: The course is advanced for years and develop, enterprise informatization “ the —— of pattern peep clue of ” of 3 minutes of the world cooperates with software is overwhelm, in enterprise informatization market, with sufficient tripartite balance of forces of traditional and financial software, ERP3.

Be in when an enterprise had pair of money (financial software) , content (after the management of ERP) , the management for core should use the activity with person and person be solved in coordination.

Expand what use range in coordination as the enterprise ceaselessly, the understanding that the supplier still needs to rely on pair of industry application and experience accumulate ceaseless and perfect oneself.

Begin to cut a figure in informatization market from 2002 in coordination, but fail to avoid awkwardness all the time. Photograph comparing cooperates with the enthusiasm of the supplier, the user is in all the time wait-and-see, they are having quite much doubt: Does mother of lament of Shi to joke pat Li group to kill natural resources of company of RP(of 虴 of  of  of sandpiper school  to plan) , does relation of client of financial, CRM(manage) what relation is waiting for information system? When can it mature, make an independent industry?

Should need in coordination and be born

From the point of the concept of broad sense, cooperate with dispute is compressed the only way that organizes informatization.

Go up century 90 time, in the government drive and standardize financial requirement promote below, majority enterprise had realized financial informatization. After this, ERP blow on the face and come. With respect to essence character, ERP is the interior management of the raw material that realizes pair of manufacturing industry, semi-manufactured goods and finished product.

In recent years, informatization of our country enterprise achieved great progress, a lot of enterprises built his office system, and mount a horse financial management, into annul put, ERP, SCM(supplies catenary government) , HR(manpower resource) , the system such as CRM, formed grade of a lot of sections to apply.

These dispersive systems are in promotion business efficiency while, also caused a series of problems. On one hand, information Gu island was formed between the system, cause not only repeat construction, also cannot form integrated effect, cannot help an enterprise realize efficient managing to mix decision-making, affected these systems to develop due value; consequently on the other hand, although all without exception of domestic and international enterprise advocates “ to be the administrative pattern of this ” with the person, but informatization appeared however in supervisory respect blind area. And in coordination the administrative characteristic as it happens that “ is core ” with the information of person and person can satisfy this one requirement.
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