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King article Beijing: Get run Chinese financial software
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If say software industry calculates,going up is industry of summit of a summit, so one of founders that Beijing of article of president king of the company that use friend is summit summit myth undoubtedly. He makes native land software had the actual strength that challenges foreign software.

King article Beijing is in obtain contain Troy when honorary title of quite tall ” of figure of year of economy of “2001 CCTV China, the CCTV is to his evaluation such: “ he is Chinese financial software get the person that run, proved the Chinese can make his software; He is the cosset of market of this year capital, proving knowledge is force, knowledge is fortune; He is one symbolizes, the glamour of the individual value of the person that do poineering work and enterprise of civilian battalion high-tech gives off extraordinary splendour in the society! ”

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King article Beijing is taken an examination of 15 years old attend college of Jiangxi finance and economics, be called by local “ prodigy ” . He is one of students with the youngest school in those days, 19 years old of universities graduate, if king article Beijing wished to come to Beijing, enter national office. To a lot of people, so great life can say the acme that is a dream.

But, saw the person that seems experienced cautious do to lift breathtakingly however: This 24 years old of lives year of birthday the following day, king article Beijing desertions unexpectedly iron rice bowl-a secure job, from go into business of abdication of department of finance affairs of bureau of office management of office of the State Council, he Suqi is strong two people from 50 thousand yuan borrowed over there a the earliest user, bought 0520DH of one director city, began to go out to do by day in the office that lives in 9 square metre software is promoted or come to make a service to the user, the life of the program in night.

“ abdication establishs the choice that the enterprise is consciousness, not be others pushs me do a business this road comes up. I leave office at that time and did not feel what to have regrettablly, also did not feel do poineering work have how old risk. ”

Spark king article Beijing has two in the immediate cause that resigned 1988: One of, after finishing report of accountant of branch of finance affairs of central state office to calculate chemical industry to make, king article Beijing feels financial software has perspective very much. Financial software the applied circumstance at that time is him each unit is done, oneself are used, low-level repeat. This shows each unit has global demand to financial software. Secondly, beijing test division held water 1988, encourage professional to establish to ZhongGuanCun enterprise of science and technology.

“ arrived 1990, the company has grown 20 much people, I miss start already tubal firm work, want to make development again, efficiency is very low. I hired a house to close in boreal graph development, begin is OK still, they know I am there later, go looking for me again, I was forced to move 8 large part again, closed 9 months just make the product. ” is below the effort of the person such as king article Beijing and Su Qijiang, forms for reporting statistics of UFO current finance affairs managed a system to come out.
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