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Person of lead the way of financial software industry, Xu Jiangang
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On October 27, fall season, sunshine is beautiful. Talkfest of guild of Chinese financial software is held in Beijing. On talkfest, xu Jiangang appears in the assembly room again, come ten years, all sorts of conferences of financial software industry can appear almost Xu Jiangang's form, every time the conference, he is contributing his wisdom, give counsel for the industry. After talkfest, xu Jiangang tells a reporter with all sorts of feelings: I attend “ all sorts of conferences of financial software industry, it is not clear to had been written down how many times. ”

From 1995 up to now, xu Jiangang witnessed the development of financial software industry, the development history of the industry also account is worn Xu Jiangang's contribution, financial software industry grows profit from Xu Jiangang. From begin to offer commercial general and financial software, to later industry of Chinese financial software makes the advantage industry of software industry, with friendly, all-purpose the consideration that waits for famous software company to had gotten Xu Jiangang and help.

Arrive from financial software ERP, all sorts of management software that are united in wedlock with electronic business affairs to now again, these development processes have Xu Jiangang's track. Someone says, know professional career of Xu Jiangang, be equal to witting the history of financial software industry develops. A lot of people think, xu Jiangang is the person of lead the way of financial software industry.

Nowadays, xu Jiangang is walking out of the strategy that go to conceive at company of native land software, 2008, forum of application software of business of the 4th Asia (forum of EA of the following abbreviation) will hold in China, forum of EA of before 3 China basically has the Three Kingdoms of medium, day, Han to attend, to expand forum of the 4th EA Asian other country, xu Jiangang is attending EA forum matters concerned at mediate Asia other country.

The Xu Jiangang of all along modest discretion thinks he is to producing more than heat merely. Actually, in Xu Jiangang eye, EA forum is Asia of trend of Chinese software company, move toward the window of the world.

Person of lead the way sets foot on journey

Initial stage of reforming and opening, xu Jiangang is graduated from project of Tsinghua university computer and technical department. The computer studies the domain is new task, but at that time, xu Jiangang's interest is the application of the computer. Favoring computer application also is Xu Jiangang calculates in accountant report change and one of main and inherent power that financial software side makes a contribution somewhat.

After Tsinghua university graduates, xu Jiangang catchs up with place of scientific research of Ministry of finance to recruit the graduate student's policy, entered scientific research place smoothly. Recollect according to him, place of scientific research of Ministry of finance recruited many 20 graduate student at that time, to place of a scientific research, recruit students amount really more.
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