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Of Chinese financial software get military thing, east senior colonel friendly X
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Golden butterfly Xu Shaochun: Does calamity Man green lead the M austral archives of  of  of press and smooth of the  that invade discharge?

Chinese software industry after all whose be the acknowledged leader? Does Chinese software industry innovate independently degree after all how? Who has contribution most to development of Chinese software industry?

On June 22, of beautiful Bohai Sea bank Dalian, by " 21 centuries economy reports " ” of own innovation pop chart releases the “ China software that makes together with Fair of China International software and news service formally. Golden hill, Founder, Jin Die, east the home such as soft, red flag's famous software firm joined this activity, ” of ” of award of product of contend “ own innovation, award of enterprise of “ own innovation, “ innovates independently ” of award of special contribution of entrepreneur award ” and “ 4 large award, the example image that Jin Die established Chinese software company to innovate independently because of succeeding, and happy event obtain “ ” of entrepreneur of own innovation of ” of own innovation enterprise, “ two large award.

As what matter to national security and international competition ability directly strategical forerunner industry, homebred software industry already entered the drive of development, and under the heavy block up such as the patent big stick-means of intimidation in the tycoon that cross a state, non tariff barrier, ” of “ own innovation becomes the first keyword of Chinese software industry already. This the activity aims to pass what method of own to Chinese software industry innovation chooses to discuss namely, the selection of company of crackajack to own innovation software, encourage company of more China software to participate in own innovation. To make pop chart more authoritative, sponsor the set that just introduced IDC to wait for orgnaization of intermediary of authority of much home international to participate in relevant selection index, and selection process includes business offer one's services, network the many link such as evaluation of voting, expert.

All the time since, ” of “ own innovation is the power that Jin Die expands continuously, also be the key that the past succeeds 13 years. Jin Die created run software field a certain number of technology the first: The financial software of?WINDOWS platform of  of Wo of show off post, the first is based on the ERP system of DNA three-layer structure, the first is based on ERPII management to think of with the framework at own research and development among the software of large business management over, of standard of J2EE of the first complete support among systematic software, the first is based on a service oriented framework (the business operating system of SOA) is waited a moment, jin Die innovates independently with “ from beginning to end the advocate of ” , person that carry out and the figure of the person that precede lead the way that runs in development of Chinese software industry.
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