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Golden butterfly group deputy total Zhang Yong: Pupate is butterfly
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Before New Year, a wool head boy of 21 years old is sent to come to Shanghai enter swing. Life ground is not familiar, live in the house that does not have fan and television, pondering how to open Jin Die's market every day. Nobody tells him, how should prospective road go. He can comply with only of the heart call: Effort, try hard again! Go all out in work, go all out in work again!

Still remember coming to the brushstroke business of Shanghai. The wholesome system that hears of Shanghai is taking the lead in considering managing system innovation, he hastens dial 114, the past is hit after the telephone exchange that marks health bureaus of next every area county. Eventually, feng Xianwei unripe bureau promises “ to be able to come over to talk about ” . Climb early to squeeze greatly when him public transportation, change ferry, in building cling to, all the way when prostitution finds Feng Xianwei unripe bureau, already passed at 12 o'clock, personnel of relevant arrange with saw one Jing eats when him: The IT arrogant in the city child it is however so young!

“ does not wish to make rural market when others when, we have an opportunity. What does suffering taking a place calculate? The sincerity that ” is him probably touched client of a home, “ country surrounded the train of thought of urban ” to have surprise effect, cong Fengxian, Min Hang begins, jin Die's name appears increasingly in Shanghai each hospital, nowadays, what use in the finance affairs of wholesome system is golden butterfly product mostly.

This boy is Zhang Yong, just passed this year and stand, he is maintaining a few “ all the time in Jin Die most ” : From the youngest employee when just entering Jin Die, to the youngest district general manager, arrive all the time the vice president with the youngest group, choosing time of Shanghai IT Xin Rui's character at the outset even, he also is the youngest most snappy.

Days of 9 years, he is arduous spin knot chrysalis, eventually pupate is butterfly. Make branch of golden butterfly Shanghai develops alone from him today the dimensions of 300 much people, make a company successful the ground is a collect by pure before sale company transition a lot of function the supplier of business management solution at a suit.

This year first half of the year, vice-president of sale of company of group of his preferment Jin Die, most moment is in Shenzhen. Nevertheless every month wants to come to Shanghai, will see love wife and son of 4 years old, arrive in class of before last of class of EMBA of business school of Europe international work, should pay close attention to —— of Hua Dong area more this his skill makes the battlefield that go out.

The sun leader

Zhang Yong is Shandong person, forthright gas stern, individual glamour let him draw large quantities of talented people inside short time. In industry of domestic management software, general the choice that nice talented person can have a lot of, zhang Yong knows very well the talent's importance, he is more than ask ab. to take up a resposible post repeatedly, jiang Xiancai brings into general, many people by his true reach ambitious ideal what to touch and join in Jin Die.
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