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Net of group of financial software of VPN of network glacial a peak solution
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The current situation and demand
As the development of contemporary information science and technology, use IT platform, raise an enterprise to get the ability of information, it is to enhance company competition ability, support the need that company strategy goal realizes. Executing finance affairs to center monitoring is large company group and administrative institution undertake unity financial management business accounting, strengthen supervisory pilot to ask necessarily.
The accountant information with enterprise and at present inside unit of estate of travel government affairs out of control of lack fidelity, financial management is the major problem that urgent need solves in current reform and development, the problem that company headquarters faces: Difficulty of lag of lack fidelity, information, monitoring, information runs message cost is high.
Traditional pattern is, the company orders pair of dot line for special use through pulling many, comprise physics only net, this kind of means although security is good, but bandwidth is narrow, cost is high, majority enterprise cannot be accepted.
Move as a result of what can rely on public service and need not be respective special net bear very big responsibility, this will make the enterprise benefits a lot. Not only such, economic fund also is its are inviting on one hand. Do not give verdict inaccessibly from these demand: To intranet construction, VPN is a choice that nots allow to oppugn.
Plan overview
VPN of trends of ICEFLOW VPN solution, to the client, our plan needs to install product of an ICEFLOW ENTERPRISE ROUTER in each node only, with respect to the VPN interconnection that can realize each node. Such, in charge investment extremely low circumstance falls, make full use of financial software, break traditional and dispersive pattern financial management mode, comply with a company to center financial management trend, the change that focuses monitoring, concentration management implements inside whole company in the support on administrative pattern, help firm increases run efficiency, profit of implementation group company is the biggest change. Head office can is opposite each branches all sorts of budgets, executive circumstance is time understanding, the branch also can go to the lavatory, quick, safe report works, data of branch accountant business accounting carries VPN channel to head office direct collect, data information does not pass the treatment processing of any intermediate layers; Reduce artificial intervention, ensure accountant information quality, improve accountant work efficiency at the same time. To be away on official business employee, can carry PPTP agreement, move headquarters way by implement, enter headquarters local area network. This kind of revolutionary new-style VPN service replaces personal line to regard as with the infrastructure of Internet build long-range, safe, the dot transmits a mechanism to dot connective.
Network framework
◇ company headquarters: Through fiber-optic receive Internet, use high-powered ICEFLOW R5000H to regard as receive a server
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